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Customer Communications


Customer Communications

EMWD is dedicated to superior customer service and effective communication and accountability. Monthly bill messages and timely bill inserts are part of EMWD’s multi-pronged approach.


Bill Inserts

Special and timely inserts are included in customer billing statements.

2022 Bill Inserts

June 2022
June 2022 Bill Insert

April 2022
April 2022 Bill Insert

February 2022
February 2022 Bill Insert


Bill Messages

Bill messages are printed at the bottom of billing statements each month.

February 2023

While early-season storms have helped water supply conditions, California is still in a drought and we must continue to use water efficiently. Remaining within your water budget is key to doing your part. Be sure to check out to view our resources to help you understand your water use so that you can save water and money.

January 2023

Shorter days, colder nights and more moisture means your landscape needs less water in the winter months Take advantage of the weather by preparing your yard for winter outdoor watering. A weather-based irrigation controller (aka smart controller) from EMWD is a great way to ensure you’re using less water in the winter months. Visit to sign up for our free smart controller program today.