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Transparency Information


Transparency Information

EMWD is committed to being a transparent organization to promote accountability and provide customers with information. EMWD welcomes feedback from customers regarding ways to further improve transparency.

EMWD Administrative Code

A comprehensive document of all Board-adopted policies, Ordinances and Resolutions.

Authorizing Statute

Board Meeting Audio Recordings

Financial Information

Annual Operating Budgets, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, and more.

Investor Relations

Municipal Bonds, Revenue Bonds, General Obligation Bonds, Community Facilities District (CFD) Bonds, and more.

General Manager Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement - July 6, 2011
Second Amendment to Employment Agreement - September 30, 2013
Third Amendment to Employment Agreement - November 1, 2017
Fourth Amendment to Employment Agreement - September 3, 2020

Salary Schedules for General Manager and Senior Executive Staff

Job Classifications and Wages

EMWD’s Compensation Policy is to set pay levels at the middle of the labor market with a pay for performance program for top performers.

Employee Benefits

EMWD Employees receive benefits for medical, dental, vision, life, retirement, paid leave, and more.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Between EMWD and the IBEW Local 1436 for 7/24/16 through 12/31/2019.

Board Member Compensation and Benefits

Board Directors receive a per diem compensation of $223 up to a maximum of 10 meetings per month as well as other benefits.

Public Information Requests

All public records of EMWD are available for review by the public in accordance with the California Public Records Act, Section 6250 and following of the Government Code.

Major Construction Projects

Capital improvement projects are designed to enhance the water distribution and treatment systems that provide safe and reliable water to EMWD customers as well as sewer collection systems that safely collect and treat all wastewater in the District’s service area. Capital improvement projects are financed by developer fees, grants, and municipal bonds.

SB 998 Compliance

In 2019, EMWD shut off 6,988 accounts due to non-payment, representing approximately 4.5 percent of our customer base.