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WaterWise Landscape Toolbox


Water Wise Landscape Resources

Water-efficient landscapes come in a variety of styles. If you’re looking to save water and have less maintenance, reduce turf grass and add more hardscape, such as patio areas. If you require functional play area, consider a more drought tolerant variety of grass such as St. Augustine or Hybrid Bermuda, or a groundcover such as Phyla Nodiflora (also known as Lippia), or artificial turf.

Here are some resources to help you plan or maintain your water-efficient landscape!

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Water Efficient Landscape Ideas

Drought tolerant plants and decomposed granite Drought tolerant plants and rock mulch Drought tolerant plants, rock mulch and limited turf grass Hardscape used to reduce turf grass area
Colorful medians Drought tolerant streetscapes Artificial Turf Drought tolerant can be lush and colorful!

For more ideas, please visit our WaterWise Landscape Showcase!

Water Efficient Plants

Water-efficient plants require less water while still providing beautiful colors for your garden. Here are some varieties…


Agave Blue Hibiscus Copper Canyon Daisy

Island Bush Snapdragon

Lilac Rockrose


For more ideas, please visit

Water Efficient Devices

There are many techniques and devices that will help prevent runoff by using water more efficiently. Wood and rock mulches keep moisture in the soil and reduce evaporation. Bubblers, drip systems and rotator sprinkler nozzles apply water in a more targeted manner, reducing overspray and runoff.

Drip system with ground bark mulch Bark chip and rock mulch Rotator nozzle sprinkler head

Smart controller device