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Board of Directors


Board of Directors

EMWD’s five-member board of directors comprise the governing body of EMWD. The EMWD Board of Directors are responsible to the members of the public of their respective division, and to the general public within the EMWD service area, for proper conduct of EMWD affairs.

Directors are elected to four-year terms by the registered voters in five geographic divisions. These divisions are apportioned by population. Terms are staggered to ensure continuity, with public elections held in at least two divisions every two years. Directors must reside within their elected division.

EMWD Director - Division 1 - Philip E. Paule EMWD Director - Division 2 - Stephen J. Corona EMWD Director - Division 3 - Randy A. Record EMWD Director - Division 4 - Jeff Armstrong EMWD Director - Division 5 - David J. Slawson

Philip E. Paule


Division 1

EMWD Board

Stephen J. Corona


Division 2

EMWD Board Vice President

Randy A. Record


Division 3


Jeff Armstrong


Division 4

MWD Board Member

David J. Slawson


Division 5