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Legislative Interests


Legislative Interests

Each legislative session, EMWD staff commits to State and Federal legislative priorities and strategies that are developed with careful consideration of EMWD’s mission statement, guiding principles and strategic plan.

EMWD feels strongly about educating and keeping customers informed of issues affecting them. The legislative items listed below consist of proposed legislation that may directly affect customers.

EMWD’s State and Federal Legislative Strategy

EMWD’s State and Federal Legislative Strategy document provides guidance for staff to properly establish and allocate resources for EMWD’s federal and state legislative program.

The overall strategy for the first year of the 2019-2020 legislative session is to ensure and enhance EMWD’s operations and efficiency through the support or opposition of relevant legislation or policy initiatives.

Read EMWD’s 2019 State and Federal Legislative Priorities and Policy Principles


California WaterFix

California WaterFix

What’s the California WaterFix?

About 30 percent of the water that flows out of taps in Southern California comes from Northern California via the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. State and federal agencies want to modernize the water system by building three new intake points in the northern Delta along with two tunnels to convey water to the existing aqueduct system in the southern Delta.