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Report Water Waste


Report Water Waste
Help Us Reduce Water Waste!

Man washing his driveway.If you spot water usage abuse, EMWD encourages you to submit a Water Waste Form. (Español)

When reporting water waste please provide as much detail as possible, such as:

  • Water waste location
  • The type of water waste occurring
  • Description of water waste (i.e. runoff from sprinklers, water running down gutter, etc.)
  • Upload a photo of the water waste observed (Optional)

Water usage abuse reports may be submitted via the following methods:

  1. EMWD’s Online Water Waste Form (Español)
  2. Call EMWD’s Conservation department at 951-928-3777, ext. 3306

Please complete the form below to let us know where water waste is occurring. We appreciate your help in saving precious water resources.

Report Water Waste Abuse (Español)