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Job Classifications and Wages


Job Classifications and Wages

Every position is assigned a Range Number that corresponds with EMWD’s Payscale. Upon hiring, employees are assigned a specific step within their position’s range and are eligible to move up to higher steps within their range in conjunction with annual performance evaluations. The “control point” is the highest salary possible for any given range. Once employees reach that point, they are only eligible for cost of living increases.

State Controllers Database of Government Compensation in California
The database contains information on the salary and other compensation of EMWD employee positions.

Job Descriptions 

Positions are listed by title. Select the letter to see the job titles that begin with that letter:

A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W    X    Y    Z   

Accountant I 214
Accountant I (Confidential) 214
Accountant II 217
Accountant II (Confidential) 217
Accountant III 220
Accountant III (Confidential) 220
Administrative Assistant I 207
Administrative Assistant I (Confidential) 207
Administrative Assistant II 209
Administrative Assistant II (Confidential) 209
Application Developer I 219
Application Developer II 222
Apprentice 203
Asset Management Technician I 213
Asset Management Technician II 215
Assets and Facilities Manager 224
Assets and Maintenance Operations Supervisor 221
Assistant Buyer 213
Assistant Chief Financial Officer 229
Assistant Construction Administrator 219
Assistant Customer Service Advisor 209
Assistant Engineer 220
Assistant General Manager Chief Financial Officer 238
Assistant General Manager Operations and Maintenance 238
Assistant General Manager Planning, Engineering, and Construction 238
Assistant General Manager Strategic Communications, Public Affairs, and Water Use Efficiency 238
Associate Engineer I 223
Associate Engineer II 224
Associate Scientist 210
Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Specialist 213
Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Technician 211
Backflow and Cross Connection Control Specialist I 212
Backflow and Cross Connection Control Specialist II 215
Board Secretary 222
Building and Facilities Crew Leader 214
Building and Facilities Technician I 209
Building and Facilities Technician II 211
Business Systems Analyst I 218
Business Systems Analyst II 221
Business Systems Manager 225
Buyer 217
Call Center Training Coordinator 218
Client Support Specialist I 212
Client Support Specialist II 214
Client Support Supervisor 225
CMMS Software Support Specialist I 213
CMMS Software Support Specialist II 215
Collections Representative I 210
Collections Representative II 212
Collections Specialist 213
Collections Systems Utility Crew Leader 215
Collections Systems Utility Worker I 210
Collections Systems Utility Worker II 212
Conservation Program Assistant 209
Conservation Program Manager 222
Conservation Program Specialist I 213
Conservation Program Specialist II 216
Construction Administration Representative I 210
Construction Administration Representative II 212
Construction Administrator I 222
Construction Administrator II 223
Construction Administrator III 224
Construction and Safety Inspection Manager 226
Construction and Safety Inspection Supervisor 223
Construction and Safety Inspector I 214
Construction and Safety Inspector II 216
Construction and Safety Inspector III 219
Construction Project Administration Manager 223
Construction Project Administration Supervisor 219
Contract Quality Assurance Inspector 213
Contracts Analyst I 217
Contracts Analyst II 220
Contracts Technician 214
Controller 231
Controls Technician I 214
Controls Technician II 217
Corrosion Control Technician 214
Crane Operator 214
Cross-Connection Control Coordinator 214
Customer Service Advisor 211
Customer Service Billing Manager 222
Customer Service Operations Manager 222
Customer Service Quality Assurance Analyst 215
Customer Service Supervisor 216
Cybersecurity Engineer 225
Deputy Board Secretary I 215
Deputy Board Secretary II 217
Deputy General Manager - Administrative Services 240
Deputy General Manager – Planning, Engineering, and Construction, and Operations and Maintenance 240
Development Services Aide 211
Development Services Coordinator 219
Development Services Manager 226
Development Services Supervisor 219
Development Services Technician I 212
Development Services Technician II 214
Director of Customer Service 230
Director of Development Services 231
Director of Engineering Support Services 231
Director of Environmental and Regulatory Compliance 232
Director of Field Engineering 231
Director of Human Resources 231
Director of Maintenance 230
Director of Policy and Governmental Affairs 230
Director of Purchasing and Contracts 230
Director of Safety, Risk, and Emergency Management 230
Director of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs 231
Director of Water Operations 231
Director of Water Reclamation 231
Director of Water Resources and Facilities Planning 232
Director of Water Use Efficiency 231
Distribution Operator I 211
Distribution Operator II 213
Distribution Operator III 215
Electrical Services Manager 226
Electrical Services Supervisor 224
Electrician 214
Emissions Technician Coordinator 207
Energy Program and Fleet Services Manager 225
Engineering Geologist I 223
Engineering Geologist II 224
Engineering Manager – Water / Engineering Manager – Wastewater 230
Engineering Technician I 212
Engineering Technician II 214
Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) Manager 227
Environmental Compliance Analyst I 216
Environmental Compliance Analyst II 219
Environmental Services Manager 227
Executive Assistant 212
Executive Assistant (Confidential) 212
Fabrication Mechanic I 212
Fabrication Mechanic II 214
Facilities and Grounds Supervisor 218
Facilities Location Manager 222
Facilities Location Technician I 211
Facilities Location Technician II 212
Facilities Painter I 208
Facilities Painter II 210
Field Services Manager 226
Field Services Supervisor 222
Finance Technician I 208
Finance Technician I (Confidential) 208
Finance Technician II 210
Finance Technician II (Confidential) 210
Finance Technician III 212
Finance Technician III (Confidential) 212
Financial Analyst I 215
Financial Analyst II 218
Financial Analyst III 221
Financial Analyst III (Confidential) 221
Financial Manager 223
Fleet Service Writer/Technician 218
Fleet Services Mechanic I 209
Fleet Services Mechanic II 211
Fleet Services Supervisor 221
Fleet Services Technician I 212
Fleet Services Technician II 214
General Manager CONTRACT
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst I 216
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst II 219
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications Developer I 219
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications Developer II 222
Governmental Affairs Analyst I 221
Governmental Affairs Analyst II 223
Governmental Affairs Specialist 215
Grants and Loans Program Analyst 218
Grants Program Manager 225
Human Resources Analyst I 215
Human Resources Analyst II 218
Human Resources Manager 227
Human Resources Technician I 212
Human Resources Technician II 214
HVAC Technician I 213
HVAC Technician II 215
Industrial Engine Supervisor 221
Industrial Engine Technician I 212
Industrial Engine Technician II 214
Information Systems Engineer I 219
Information Systems Engineer I (Confidential) 219
Information Systems Engineer II 222
Information Systems Engineer II (Confidential) 222
Information Technology/Development Ops. Mgr. 227
Information Technology Project Advisor 225
Laboratory Manager 227
Laboratory Technician 209
Land Surveyor Associate I 218
Land Surveyor Associate II 220
Machinist 214
Maintenance and Operations Planner Scheduler I 214
Maintenance and Operations Planner Scheduler II 217
Maintenance Trades Assistant 204
Management Analyst I 215
Management Analyst II 218
Mapping Administrator 217
Mapping Manager 222
Mapping Technician I 212
Mapping Technician II 214
Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor 221
Mechanical Maintenance Technician I 212
Mechanical Maintenance Technician II 214
Mechanical Services Manager 224
Meter Repair Technician 212
Meter Services Manager 220
Meter Services Supervisor 216
Meter Services Technician I 208
Meter Services Technician II 210
Operations Analyst 221
Operations Representative I 209
Operations Representative II 211
Operations Support Specialist 211
Pipeline Construction Crew Leader 217
Pipeline Construction Utility Worker I 210
Pipeline Construction Utility Worker II 212
Pipeline Construction Utility Worker III 214
Potable Water Treatment Operator I 211
Potable Water Treatment Operator II 213
Potable Water Treatment Operator III 216
Potable Water Treatment Operator in Training 208
Principal Engineer 228
Principal Engineering Geologist 228
Principal Engineering Technician I 217
Principal Engineering Technician II 219
Principal Environmental Compliance Analyst 224
Principal Water Resources Specialist 227
Project Control Technician I 212
Project Control Technician II 214
Public Affairs Manager 226
Public Affairs Officer I 217
Public Affairs Officer II 220
Public Affairs Program Manager 223
Public Affairs Specialist I 213
Public Affairs Specialist II 215
Public and Governmental Affairs Specialist I (Confidential) 213
Public and Governmental Affairs Specialist II (Confidential) 215
Purchasing and Contracts Manager 226
Purchasing and Contracts Supervisor 222
Real Property Agent 218
Real Property Manager 226
Real Property Technician 214
Receptionist 203
Records Analyst 215
Records Management Technician I 207
Records Management Technician II 209
Records Manager 220
Recycled Water Program Analyst 221
Recycled Water Program Coordinator 214
Safety and Claims Technician 215
Safety and Emergency Management Officer 223
Safety, Risk and Emergency Management Manager 226
SCADA Electrical Technician 219
SCADA Supervisor 224
SCADA Systems Analyst 221
Scientist I 212
Scientist II 214
Scientist III 217
Senior Applications Engineer 225
Senior Business Systems Engineer 224
Senior Buyer 220
Senior Engineer 226
Senior Construction Administration Representative 215
Senior Construction Administrator 226
Senior Construction and Safety Inspector 221
Senior Controls Technician 219
Senior Customer Service Advisor 213
Senior Development Services Technician 216
Senior Director of Administrative Services 235
Senior Director of Engineering 235
Senior Director of Information Systems 235
Senior Director of Water Resources Planning 235
Senior Engineering Technician 216
Senior Environmental Compliance Analyst 222
Senior Executive Assistant 215
Senior Facilities Location Technician 215
Senior Financial Manager 226
Senior Fleet Services Technician 217
Senior Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst 222
Senior Human Resources Analyst 221
Senior Industrial Engine Technician 217
Senior Information Systems Engineer 225
Senior Information Systems Engineer (Confidential) 225
Senior Policy and Governmental Affairs Manager 226
Senior Management Analyst 221
Senior Mapping Technician 216
Senior Mechanical Maintenance Technician 217
Senior Meter Repair Technician 214
Senior Meter Services Technician 212
Senior Recycled Water Program Analyst 223
Senior Scientist 220
Senior Source Control Inspector 218
Senior Storekeeper 213
Senior Water Reclamation Plant Maintenance Technician 217
Service Contract Administrator 221
Source Control Inspector I 213
Source Control Inspector II 215
Source Control Manager 225
Storekeeper I 208
Storekeeper II 210
Student Worker A
Systems Control Operator I 214
Systems Control Operator II 216
Systems Control Operator III 218
Treatment Process Control Specialist I 216
Treatment Process Control Specialist II 218
Valve Technician I 210
Valve Technician II 212
Warehouse Manager 220
Wastewater Collection Manager 223
Wastewater Collection Supervisor 219
Water Operations Manager 227
Water Operations Supervisor 221
Water Operations Technician I 210
Water Operations Technician II 212
Water Reclamation Plant Maintenance Technician I 212
Water Reclamation Plant Maintenance Technician II 214
Water Reclamation Plant Manager 227
Water Reclamation Plant Operator I 211
Water Reclamation Plant Operator II 213
Water Reclamation Plant Operator III 216
Water Reclamation Plant Operator in Training 209
Water Reclamation Plant Shift Supervisor 221
Water Resources Planning Manager 227
Water Resources Specialist Assistant I 213
Water Resources Specialist Assistant II 215
Water Resources Specialist Associate I 218
Water Resources Specialist Associate II 220
Water Resources Technician I 213
Water Resources Technician II 215
Water Resources Technician III 218
Waterworks Technician I 210
Waterworks Technician II 213