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French Valley Recycled Water Gap Pipeline

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is seeking funding to construct a series of three short pipelines in French Valley, CA, to connect existing recycled water pipelines to EMWD’s backbone recycled water system so that the sites may permanently use recycled water for irrigation purposes.

EMWD is a national leader in recycled water and has invested heavily in the French Valley area, including expanding recycled water in streetscapes, parks and schools.

The project will have a total of 4,830 linear feet of pipeline that will connect various locations to EMWD’s existing recycled water infrastructure. All of the sites are plumbed with recycled water, but isolated from EMWD’s existing system and are currently using potable water for irrigation needs.

It is anticipated that the project would offset approximately 200-300 acre feet of potable water demands each year. Among the project partners that would benefit and achieve cost-savings from converting to recycled water are Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District and Temecula Valley Unified School District.