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Unincorporated and Multi-City Projects


Unincorporated and Multi-City Projects

Active construction projects in unincorporated regions or projects that span across multiple cities.  Unincorporated areas include: French Valley, Good Hope, Homeland, Lakeview, Mead Valley, Nuevo, Romoland, Winchester.


French Valley Recycled Water Pipeline Project – Phase II

Project Description:  The project will install approximately 12,300 feet of recycled water pipeline.

Project Location:  The pipeline route is planned primarily along Pourroy Road from Brookfield Park to Sheffield Park.  The route also connects west on Skyview Road and goes southwest on Algarve Avenue to connect Susan La Vorgna Elementary School and Emerald Park to the system.  The pipeline route also has a small section of alignment along Benton Road, east of Pourroy Road.