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Senate Bill 414 (Caballero) – The Small System Water Authority Act of 2019
Addressing Governance Reform, Without a Statewide Water Tax


EMWD believes that failing systems need a sustainable approach to operate safely and responsibly, and WITHOUT the need for a permanent statewide water tax. Senate Bill 414 can help provide all Californians with access to safe and reliable drinking water, now and into the future.

In an effort to propose a long-term method for providing all Californians with clean water, EMWD and the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) have co-sponsored SB 414, the Small System Water Authority Act of 2019. SB 414 proposes to merge multiple, non-compliant water systems—that are close in general proximity but don’t have to share boundaries—into larger and more robust systems that can operate together for lower cost overall. The newly formed special district would then have better financing opportunities due to a larger customer base. The collective customer base provides increased access to state grants and municipal bonds or other funding mechanisms which are historically used by larger public agencies. These newly created special districts would also be held to public agency accountability standards, which would ensure funds are used appropriately to develop necessary infrastructure to treat contamination issues so that safe and affordable water is delivered to customers.

View the SB 414 Legislative Fact Sheet

See how SB 414 and SB 669 work together to provide a cooperative governance and funding solution that is not a permanent statewide water tax.


California Municipal Utilities Association (Co-Sponsor)

Eastern Municipal Water District (Co-Sponsor)

Economic Development Coalition

Calleguas Municipal Water District

City of Roseville

City of Torrance

Cucamonga Valley Water District

Independent Special Districts of Orange County

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Murrieta/Wildomar Chamber of Commerce

Rural County Representatives of California

Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority

Three Valleys Municipal Water District

Valley Center Municipal Water District

Western Municipal Water District

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Senate Bill 669 (Caballero) – Safe Drinking Water Trust
Addressing Sustainable Funding, Without a Tax

ACWA and the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) are sponsoring state legislation to create a Safe Drinking Water Trust. Instead of relying on a proposed statewide water tax, the Trust would be funded with General Fund dollars during a state budget surplus year. The net income from the Trust would create a durable funding source that will help community water systems in disadvantaged communities provide access to safe drinking water.