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T-Meter Extension Request Webform
Temporary Hydrant Meter: Request to Extend Usage Period


This form is intended to be used to obtain general information. 

Information about how EMWD will use your information can be found within EMWD’s Privacy Policy.

This form is to request contact regarding the Temporary Construction Meter (fire hydrant) on property as it has exceeded the permitted 12-month use. The completed form will be submitted to the Development Services Department and staff will contact you soon. 

IMPORTANT! EMWD’s Administrative Code 5.204 sections (a) and (b), restricts this type of service to only a 12-month use.  Therefore, we are required to disconnect/remove the temporary meter within 30 days from the date of notice the T-Meter has exceeded the permitted 12-month use.

I am requesting an extension on my T-Meter for the following reason(s):
Application Billing Information: 
Project Information/Site Contact:

Name of company utilizing T-Meter

Current Use 

Name of EMWD Inspector

EMWD Work Order #


EMWD Spec#