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Quail Valley Sewer Improvements Alternative Study


The community of Quail Valley is located in southwestern Riverside County, immediately north of Canyon Lake. Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) provides water for the community. All residences within the community are on individual septic systems and there are presently no facilities for collection and conveyance of wastewater from the project area to the EMWD regional treatment facility. 

Failing septic systems in Quail Valley have resulted in polluted water in the community and in downstream Canyon Lake. The Riverside County Department of Environmental Health observed in its February 2005 study that there are widespread instances and evidences of septic system failures in the Quail Valley area. The surfacing groundwater in the Quail Valley area also shows high pathogenic contamination. 

In 2005, EMWD hired PBS&J to prepare a study to identify and evaluate the collection system within Quail Valley. The objective of the study is to find a feasible solution to the problem of septic system pollution. Considering the various constraints, the conventional gravity and the combination sewer were the most feasible alternatives to be considered for the design of the sewer system for Quail Valley.