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EMWD Water Shortage Response Grid
Currently in Stage 2: Supply Alert as of 07/2021



Stage Status Description Water Budgets
Stage 1   Supply Watch Voluntary Reduction of water use up to 10% Customers who stay within budget are charged at the same rates in tier 1 and 2

Stage 2

as of 07/2021

Supply Alert Voluntary reduction of water use of up to 25% Customers who stay within budget are charged at the lowest rates in tier 1 and 2 
Stage 3 Mandatory Waste Reduction Enforced through changes to the water budget-based tiered rates throughout Stage 3 as follows:    
Stage 3a   No variances or adjustments allowed for filling swimming pools, establishing landscape, or leaks not repaired within 48 hours Customer excessive budget rates reduced by 50% 
Stage 3b                              Mandatory  Water Waste Reduction Budgets reduced by 50 percent 
Customer excessive budget rates reduced by 50%
Stage 3c         Budgets eliminated  Customer tier 3 budgets are eliminated 
Stages 4 & 5
Mandatory Outdoor and Indoor Reductions Reduces customers’ water budgets by varying amounts, depending on the severity of the shortage Customer water budget reduced. Customers going over budget will be charged at a higher Tier 4 rate

EMWD is asking customers to voluntary reduce their water use in line with Governor Newsom’s request for a 25 percent reduction compared to last year. 

Voluntary reduction of up to 25 percent is encouraged through the on-going enforcement of water use efficiency requirements, EMWD’s water budget-based tiered rates, and penalties for run off. Required customer actions include:

1. Reduce watering or irrigating of lawn, landscape or other vegetated areas with sprinklers by one day a week. Visit to learn more. 
2. All leaks, breaks, or other malfunctions in the water user’s plumbing or distribution system repaired within seventy-two hours.
3. Refrain from filling or re-filling of ornamental lakes or ponds.
4. Refrain from using potable water to wash or clean a vehicle, including but not limited to, any automobile, truck, van, bus, motorcycle, boat or trailer, whether motorized or not.