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EMWD and You: Working Together for a Healthy Sewer System


Perris, CA (November 19, 2020) — November 19, 2020, is World Toilet Day which was established by the United Nations to raise awareness of the importance of responsible wastewater systems and the role they play in protecting public health around the world.  To commemorate the day, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) encourages customers to be Sewer Smart by doing what they can to help protect our wastewater collection system.

EMWD is proud to have the region’s largest wastewater collection system and to help protect public health through the responsible and environmentally sustainable treatment and reuse of wastewater. EMWD and its customers continue to invest in a system that protects public health, the environment and provides long-term benefits to local water supplies, including the expanded use of recycled water for irrigation.

EMWD customers can do their part to protect EMWD’s nearly 2,000 miles of sewer system pipelines – and their own drains on their property – by practicing these habits:

  • This holiday season, EMWD encourages families to responsibly dispose of fats, oils and grease (FOG) that are the byproduct of fatty holiday meals such as turkey, roast beef, and bacon. When FOG cools, it hardens in drain lines and can cause blockages, which can be costly and lead to sewer spills or line breaks in the street. To properly dispose of FOG, customers should pour it into a coffee can or similar container; or let it cool and wipe the pan with paper towels and dispose of it in a waste bin.
  • Customers should avoid flushing unused medications down drains or toilets. When medications enter the wastewater collection system, they can end up in recycled water and ultimately in the local groundwater basins. To dispose of unused medications, return them to a pharmacy drop off center or put them in a bag of kitty litter and into a waste bin, which will deactivate the medications.
  • Customers should also avoid placing “Flushable” wipes down the toilet. These wipes do not break down like toilet paper and can remain intact for years while submerged in water, causing blockages in the sewer system or damage equipment at wastewater treatment facilities. Such wipes should be disposed of in a waste bin.

“EMWD is proud to be a leader in responsible wastewater collection and treatment and in doing its part to protect public health,” EMWD Board President Ron Sullivan said. “Our ability to maintain a healthy sewer system is a partnership with our customers, and we appreciate their ongoing commitment to do their part in not placing items down the drain that can cause damage to their systems.

“We thank all of our customers for their efforts to do their part in being Sewer Smart, including the proper disposal of FOG this holiday season.”

EMWD currently treats more than 46 million gallons of wastewater every day, transforming it into a high-quality recycled water supply. EMWD is proud of its Healthy Sewers efforts and asks our customers to join us in being Sewer Smart on World Toilet Day, throughout the upcoming holiday season, and every day throughout the year.

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