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How We Save Water
We are in a serious drought. Stay WaterWise.


Logo - Stay Water Wise with outdoor efficiencyUsing water wisely is a way of life for Southern California residents.  The drought cycle comes second nature to us and we know that staying WaterWise doesn’t have to be a big and scary task.  It can be as simple as reducing irrigation timers by 2 minutes for every 10 minutes or switching standard sprinklers to rotating nozzles.  Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, small changes like these add up to big savings in both gallons and dollars.  When we Stay WaterWise we fulfill our responsibility of helping California through the cycle of droughts.

How We Save

Neighbors in your community have come-up with lots of simple, do-it-yourself, and low cost solutions to make their landscape even more water efficient than before.  Check out our image gallery for ideas and consider doing one of these water efficient landscape updates in your yard.

We want to hear from you! 

Tell us how you Stay WaterWise with your outdoor water use efficiency.  This is how we save water, together.

Logo - This is how we save water.