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Wastewater Control Ordinance / Discharge Limits


EMWD’s Wastewater Control Ordinance regulates wastewater discharges into our wastewater system and includes discharge limits (local limits) for select pollutants. The Wastewater Control Ordinance provides legal authority to implement the pretreatment program. The ordinance establishes regulations and charges for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater, as well as penalties for violations.

Some industrial customers may also be subject to federal regulations for specific categories of businesses. These “categorical industries” are subject to additional regulations that include discharge limits (pretreatment standards) for pollutants specific to the category. If a pollutant has both a local limit and federal limit, the more stringent limit is applied. The federal regulations can be viewed on the U.S. EPA website by scrolling down to “Subchapter N – Effluent Guidelines and Standards” and selecting “Parts 400 – 424″ or “Parts 425 - 471.”