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About Your Bill


Approved Rates and Fees for 2022 and 2023

EMWD is a government agency that provides services based on the actual cost of operation and maintenance. The EMWD Board of Directors adopts a biennial operating budget that goes into effect on July 1, each year. Part of that process is setting rates. One of EMWD’s critical business objectives is to keep costs, and therefore rates, as low as possible for all customers. When compared with other agencies providing similar services in the surrounding area, EMWD’s rates are consistently among the lowest.

EMWD's  rates compared to other inland agencies


Delinquency Timeline

EMWD’s Delinquency Timeline

Delinquency Process

The process described below outlines how EMWD handles delinquent accounts.

Day 1     Monthly bill mailed

Day 21   Bill due

Day 26   First Past Due Notice mailed; $25 late fee assessed

Day 30   Next monthly billing statement mailed

Day 35   Second Past Due Notice mailed


Rate Payers Glossary of Terms

EMWD uses a number of terms throughout this website and on the billing statement. Please review these terms for more detailed information.