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About Your Bill

Learn how to read and understand your bill.

How to Read Your Bill 

Review a sample of EMWD’s billing statement to understand how to read your bill and understand your charges.

Sample EMWD Billing Statement - How To Read Your Bill

Approved Rates and Fees for 2024 and 2025 

EMWD is a government agency that provides services based on the actual cost of operation and maintenance. The EMWD Board of Directors adopts a biennial operating budget that goes into effect on July 1, each year. Part of that process is setting rates.  One of EMWD’s critical business objectives is to keep costs, and therefore rates, as low as possible for all customers.  


Trash Collection Billing 

Looking for Refuse Collection Contacts?

EMWD is not responsible for refuse or trash collection. However, in the cities of Perris and San Jacinto, EMWD may be billing for trash pick-up.

EMWD’s Delinquency Timeline

Rate Payers Glossary of Terms 

EMWD uses a number of terms throughout this website and on the billing statement. Please review these terms for more detailed information.