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Grant Funding

EMWD has several innovative projects that are funded, in part, by grants from various state, federal, and local agencies.

Perris North Groundwater Program

The program is a long-term solution to improve groundwater quality in the Perris North Groundwater Basin, located in the Moreno Valley area. The program will not only address groundwater contamination, but it will also continue to provide a safe and reliable water supply for surrounding communities.

Perris North Groundwater Program - English Fact Sheet

Perris North Groundwater Program - Spanish Fact Sheet

Salinity Management: Perris II Desalter

Removing the salt from seawater or high-salinity groundwater is technically difficult and expensive. In the past, the capital and operational expense of desalination could only be justified in the absence of any alternative water supply. The Perris II Desalter will produce potable water from from an otherwise unuseable groundwater resource and reduce future demands for imported water.

Perris II Desalter Fact Sheet

Quail Valley Wastewater Collection to Replace Failing Septic Systems

This project is for the environmental work and preliminary design costs for a sewer system in Quail Valley. The community of Quail Valley is located in southwestern Riverside County, immediately north of Canyon Lake. Failing septic systems in Quail Valley have resulted in polluted water in the community and in downstream Canyon Lake.

Quail Valley Sewer Project - Fact Sheet – January 2020

Quail Valley Sewer Project - Presentation – March 23, 2017