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Approximately 20 percent of EMWD’s potable (drinking) water demand is supplied by EMWD groundwater wells. The majority of the groundwater produced by EMWD comes from its wells in the Hemet and San Jacinto area. Some of these wells have limited production as a result of the Fruitvale Judgment and Decree. EMWD also has wells in the Moreno Valley, Perris Valley and Murrieta areas.

Contrary to the impression of groundwater being huge underground rivers and lakes, groundwater is the water that occupies the pores and cracks in soil and rock. The source of groundwater is either natural or artificial recharge.

Natural recharge begins as rain or snow that seeps directly into the soil and rocks, or from rivers, streams and lakes. Artificial recharge is the intentional recharge of water in ponds or spreading basins; or through the use of injection wells.

Groundwater basins may be defined by geologic structures, such as earthquake faults or fault zones; or, they may be defined by administrative boundaries based on water quality or some other factor. Groundwater flow follows a path of least resistance (i.e. groundwater level gradient) to a point of equilibrium.

Groundwater Reliability Plus is EMWD’s groundwater management program to ensure for groundwater sustainability for the communities it serves.