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Story Books


Story Books

A collection of stories written and/or illustrated by middle school students for elementary school students, available in soft cover and PDF format.

Congratulations to student author, Valentin Pineda, and illustrators Myranda Estrada & Naisia Alam, for their winning story, “The Water District Field Trip”.

The Water District Field Trip

The 2021-2022 Write Off Contest story is about a student who attends a field trip to the water district. At first, he is not too excited to be visiting the water district. However, as time passes, he is introduced to several employees. The employees share with him information about their careers at the water district. The employees share helpful information with him, such as education requirements and benefits of working at a water district and other related information. He soon finds what he is learning to be fascinating. He even decides in the end that he would like to have a future career in the water industry.

“The Water District Field Trip” is designed to help expose young people to career opportunities in the water industry field. It is also intended to be used by teachers for career path planning among elementary-age students. It can also be used on career day events to explain a variety of water industry career paths.

Un Paseo al Distritio del Agua version de PDF en Español

All EMWD winning stories are available for distribution through program presentations to local elementary schools and libraries.

To read the winning stories (in PDF format), please click on the book icon below: