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Story Books


Story Books

A collection of stories written and/or illustrated by middle school students for elementary school students, available in soft cover and PDF format.

Congratulations to student authors Natalia Fernandez, Jude McLean and Paulina Ortega and author/illustrator Vanessa Ycu for their winning story, “Bee”yond the Water-Wise Garden

Beyond the water-wise garden book cover.This story is about Alice, a young girl who was stung by a bee in second grade. She wastes water spraying the bees in her yard to get rid of them. Her dad tells her she is wasting water and harming bees that are important to our planet. That night in a dream she becomes a bee, and another bee named Beatrice teaches her about the importance of bees and saving water. Alice learns a valuable lesson about water and bees. She later grows up to become a beekeeper. This story focuses on a current topic and presents it at a level that both children and adults will enjoy. This story makes learning about water and bees engaging, informative, and fun for all. Read the story in PDF format.

All EMWD winning stories are available for distribution through program presentations to local elementary schools and libraries.

To read the winning stories (in PDF format), please click on the book icon below:

A lesson from school: tap water is cool. By Abby Roth.

Aguat's Adventure: A tale of two waters. By Haven Vinyard.

Bartholomew investigated how to use water wisely. By Monah Mendez.

Cody the crocodile contemplates his water wise propensity. By Rebecca Janecek, Bryana Jones Tilloston, and Bethany Prizant-Toscano.

Dr. Tappentu teaches Timmy to tap into tap H2O. By Andrea Serrato.

Gobi and Aguat get savvy about water quality. By Malea Ortloff and Kayleigh Fredrick.

Gobi's adventure. By Lucas Pfeiffer and Kayleigh Fredrick.

Lily and the seven drops. By Jasmine McGary, Michelle Sivitos, and Mini Hong.

Mabel mouse and breezy bird learn about tap water quality: It's good! By Kimberly Evans, Katelyn Hancock, Selina Knowles, and Cassandra Teebken.

Otis the turtle gets water wise. By Chloe Hernandez and Cassi Tichy.

Professor Purrkis ponders purple pipes. A story about recycled water. By Alyssa Rossi and Iliana Reyes.

The California Drought: Learning what it's all about. By Abby Roth.

Gobi and the water cycle adventure: as told by Grand Droppy. By Avery Lund.

Around the wold with savvy the water drop!

Aguat gets savvy about the water cycle. By Halley Soules and Tatiana Sparks.

The legend of the water dance. By Isabel Anders.

Goby, Aguat, and Savvy get squeaky clean again. A story about purified water replenishment. By Arthur Marquez, Marlana Norlega, and Alannah Whitte.

Beyond the water-wise garden. By Natalia Fernandez, Jude McLean, Paulina Ortega, Vanessa Ycu, and Vanessa Ycu.