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Story Books


Story Books

A collection of stories written and/or illustrated by middle school students for elementary school students, available in soft cover and PDF format.

Congratulations to student authors and illustrators Alya Eleter and Jane Le for their winning story, “Frog & Turtle: Water Escapades.”

Frog and Turtle Water Escapades

The 2020-2021 Write Off Contest story is formatted in a comic-book style and tells the story of a frog and turtle who notice that the water in their pond continues to decrease. On their adventure to get answers, they set out on a journey to find out where and how California gets water. Along with some interesting facts about water, they also discover California’s water sources and how it is distributed by agencies like EMWD, Rancho Water, and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

These new discoveries enhance the frog and turtle’s appreciation of water. This story is engaging and helps the reader understand that California has limited local water supplies and is dependent on outside sources to provide water to its service area.

Read the story in PDF format.

All EMWD winning stories are available for distribution through program presentations to local elementary schools and libraries.

To read the winning stories (in PDF format), please click on the book icon below: