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Elementary Activities & Downloads

Learn With Us

Elementary Activities & Downloads

Learn about water, wastewater and recycled water. These activities are fun and promote wise water use. 



Play Gobi’s A-MAZE-Ing Adventure! 

Travel with Gobi and learn what happens after water and waste go down the drain at your home or business.

Science Projects

Sources for Test Kits and Materials

There are several scientific companies that manufacture test kits and materials for experiments and science projects.

Acorn Naturalists
800.422.8886  Phone
800.452.2802  Fax

Hach Company
800.227.4224  Phone
970.669.2932  Fax

Story Books

A collection of stories written and/or illustrated by middle school students for elementary school students, available in soft cover and PDF format.

2023 EMWD Activity Book

The Water Cycle

The water cycle describes how the Earth’s water is not only always changing forms, between liquid (rain), solid (ice)and gas (vapor), but also moving on, above and in the Earth. This process is always happening everywhere.


EMWD is always looking for fun ways to educate students, from 0 to 150 years old. Check out our latest animated videos and learn about water, wastewater and recycled water.