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EMWD Boilerplate Documents for Engineering Provisions

RFP Post

Select the general type of boiler plate document you need from the list. To see what documents you need, refer to the Checklist for Specifications .

Section 0 General Documents
Section B Bid Instructions
Section C Bid Documents
Section D Materials
Section E General Conditions: Inspection & Testing
Section F General Conditions: Labor & Construction 
Section N General Conditions: Federal Labor
Section W General Conditions: Warranties

Helpful Tip: Save a copy of the provision file on your computer by right-clicking on the link, then selecting the “Save Target As…” option.

Note: All Engineering Provisions are provided in Acrobat pdf format (except Sections 01026 and 01430, which are project specific). Modifications to these standard provisions are prohibited. Revisions to EMWD standard detailed provisions should be called out in a separate section as “SSC – Supplemental Special Conditions” or submit a supplemental detail provision (for example: 15061.1).

Effective 03/01/15
Number Section Provision Revisions Revision Date
General Documents
    Checklist for Specifications   01/2024
    Proposal Package Cover Sheet   01/2024

Specification Template for PUBLIC WORKS Works Projects

Note to Design Engineering Consultants:

The zip file contains Word documents. See _INSTRUCTIONS.doc for details on preparing specifications.  EMWD Standard Bid Forms and Detailed Provisions are below FOR REFERENCE ONLY.  Please do not submit EMWD standards with your specification submittal. 



Specification Template for MAINTENANCE PROJECTS

The zip file contains Word documents.  EMWD Standard Bid Forms and Detailed Provisions are not be be included; specify in Table of Contents only. 



Specification Template for DEVELOPER-BID Projects

Developer-Bid documents:

  • Instructions to Bidders
  • Proposal 
  • Designation of Subcontractors
  • Bid Bond
  • Contractor Registration C-22
  • Performance Bond-Developer
  • Payment Bond-Developer
  • Maintenance Bond-Developer
  • Insurance-Contractor
  • Insurance-Developer
  • Insurance-Wrap programs 


NOTE TO DEVELOPER: Developer shall submit the the following documents for acceptance by the District before a pre-construction conference can be scheduled:

  • Standard Agreement
  • Developer & Contractor’s Insurance
  • Performance & Payment Bonds
  • EN-25 Subcontractor/Worker Classification form


    Appendix A: Approved Materials List


Section B: Bid Instructions/Documents
00018 B Instructions to Bidders   06/2022
00019 BFed Instructions to Bidders - Federal   07/2013
00040 BB Bid Bond   02/2015



Bidder's Detailed Experience Record & Resumes or C04 below 11/2013
Section C: Bid Documents
00024 C03 Proposal Sheet - 7-day    07/2013
00025 C03 Proposal Sheet - 15-day    07/2013
00026 C04 Bidders References  (or use BR1 above)    
00028 C05 Designation of Subcontractors   02/2022
00030 C06 Contractors Licensing Statement    
00032 C07 Non Collusion Declaration - No Notary   01/2014
00034 C08 Agreement   05/2012
00036 C09 Performance Bond formatting only 02/2015
00036 C09S Subcontractor Performance Bond   08/2010
00038 C10 Payment Bond  formatting only 02/2015
00038 C10S Subcontractor Payment Bond   08/2010
00042 C11 Worker's Compensation Certificate   11/2015
00044.1 C12 Certificate of Liability Insurance-Standard Sample per Section F   05/2010
00046     C13 Iran Contracting Act Certification new form  08/2012 
00047 C13.1 Economic Sanctions in Response to Russia Form new form 09/2022
00048 C14 Maintenance Bond by Contractor    
00048 C14D Maintenance Bond by Developer new form  11/2015
00049 C14.1 Maintenance Bond by Supplier    
00050 C16 Cal-OSHA Form 300A   04/2004
00052 C17 C-17 Contractor’s Cal/OSHA Compliance History and SIC Code   08/2022
00054 C18 Manufacturer’s Pipe Zone Density Charts
Select the chart that applies:
- 00054 Pipe Zone Density DIP
- 00054 Pipe Zone Denisty HDPE
- 00054 Pipe Zone Density CCP
- 00054 Pipe Zone Density CML&C
- 0054 Pipe Zone Density PVC
added PVC pipe zone density requirements 07/2009
00056 C19 Employee Safety & Health Training Records Previously C-15 01/2012
00057 C22 Public Works Contractor Registration   02/2022
00058 C23 Contractor's Proof of Insurance Certificate   10/2019
00059 C24 Contractor Mobile Source Acknowledgement Form New form 01/2024
Section D: Materials (Federal)
00060 D Materials   06/1992
Section E: General Conditions: Inspection and Testing
00062 E General Conditions: Inspection and Testing Update Log 08/2015
Section F: General Conditions: Labor & Construction
00064 F Labor and Construction & Exhibit A

Update Log

00064 F 00064_F_Exhibit A_only_Escrow_Agreement  Exhibit A 09/2020
Section N: General Conditions: Labor (Federal)
00076 N Non-discrimination in Employment   05/1989
Section W: Warranties (Federal)
00078 W Maintenance Warranty of Water Pipeline 4" in Diameter & Larger