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Residential Programs & Rebates


SoCal Water$mart Rebates

Turf replacement rebates. Stay WaterWise. Increased from $3 to $4. Plus an optional $100 rebate per tree for up to five trees!Rebates available as part of EMWD’s partnership with MWD can be accessed through SoCal Water$mart.

Important Program Information

So Cal Water Smart logo.Approval of rebate applications will be on a first-come, first serve basis and subject to funding availability. Submitting a reservation request or application does not guarantee approval or payment.


FREE Deep Drip Watering Stakes

Planting stakes placed at the dripline canopy. Deep Drip Watering Stakes are designed to help maintain beautiful trees by watering them directly at the root zone. Constructed of sturdy, but eco-friendly ABS plastic, Deep Drip Watering Stakes are made to last 15+ years.