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Poster Contest


Poster Contest

Each year, EMWD sponsors a poster contest for students in grades TK-5. The winning students, as well as their teachers, are honored at an awards ceremonies hosted by EMWD. Of the winning posters, the top five are submitted to The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in Los Angeles for consideration for a possible spot on the WATER IS LIFE calendar.

The theme for 2019 was ”Let’s All “BEE” SAVVY about Water Conservation.” This theme provided budding artists the chance to illustrate the importance of water conservation.

Learn more about Honey Bees and Water Wise Gardens.

To review water wise tips, please review 100+ Ways to Conserve Water!

For more information, please contact EMWD’s Education team 951-928-3777, ext. 4405 or email the Education team.

Contest Guidelines

Open to Grades TK-5

Students must use official poster paper. If your school is located in Murrieta Valley or Temecula Valley Unified School Districts, please contact Rancho California Water District to order paper.

All artwork must be original artwork. NO computer, trademark or copyrighted artwork will be accepted.

Posters duplicating the artwork of past winners will be disqualified.

Submitting more than one entry per class will disqualify all entries from that teacher.

At least one winner will be selected per school district.

Encourage students to focus on water conservation. For example, use water wise landscape (bees love it!) or, when brushing their teeth, students should turn the water off instead of leaving it on. Please review 100+ Ways to Conserve Water.

Posters must be drawn horizontally within the border of the official poster paper.

For design purposes, any writing or artwork in the 1” border area disqualifies the poster.

Students should use BOLD, BRIGHT and BRILLIANT colors using colored pencils, markers, paint, ink, fabric, cut paper, pencil and/or watercolors. Crayons are not recommended. If students elect to use crayons, we request that they select dark colors as the lighter colors do not show up well for reproduction purposes.

A short message about water MUST be written on the poster within the border. Be concise, fewer words are better than more.

Artwork becomes the property of EMWD/RCWD and may not be returned.

Select ONE winning poster from your class and submit to your school front office by Monday, October 15, 2018 at 8 a.m.

EMWD/RCWD will pick up winning posters from school front office. For the 2019 Poster Contest, this will happen the week of October 15-19, 2018.

Winners will be notified in late 2018 and honored at a recognition event in early 2019.

Order Official Poster Paper

Submit an ONLINE request for official poster paper. (Portal Closed)

Poster paper will be delivered by EMWD to your school front office in late September.

Judging Criteria

Theme – expression




Artistic execution


Minimum of one winner per school district.

Winning students and their teachers will be honored at a ceremony in May/June.


Prizes awarded to teachers and students:




Gift card

One set of note cards w/student artwork

Framed student artwork

Promotional item with student artwork

Gift card

One set of note cards w/ student artwork

One class set of pencils

Promotional item with student artwork

The winning posters will be posted on the EMWD website. Selected winning artwork will be sent on to The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for a possible spot on their calendar. Winning student will be invited to attend a recognition ceremony in Los Angeles.


Honey Bees and Water Wise Gardens

“Bee” Water Wise and protect the honey bees!

Want to help your local honeybee and native bee populations, while cutting back on water use at the same time? Plant a drought-tolerant garden with nectar- and pollen- rich plants!  Not only will it provide forage for pollinators, but the plants require less water than lawns, and produce beautiful, fragrant blooms.