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City of Perris Consolidation Project

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EMWD City of Perris Consolidation Project

In the fall of 2024, Eastern Municipal Water District and the City of Perris will complete a consolidation of the water and sewer systems currently served by the City. The result is that EMWD will take over providing services to more than 4,000 customers currently served by the City.

EMWD currently serves approximately 80 percent of the City of Perris. Existing EMWD customers will not be impacted by this consolidation process.

WHO DOES THIS APPLY TO: The City of Perris currently serves a small number of residents, including approximately 2,700 customers in a three square mile area of downtown Perris and another 1,400 customers in an area in the northeastern portion of the City. With more than 80 percent of Perris residents already customers of EMWD, this consolidation and partnership will provide the most efficient and consistent form of service throughout the City.

WHY IS THIS TAKING PLACE: For the past few years, the City has been evaluating options to either transfer or continue operating the two City systems. The water and sewer systems continue to create an increase in maintenance costs and have been operating at a deficit. This consolidation would allow the City to hand over ownership of the system to EMWD, which would then provide water and wastewater services.

BENEFITS TO PERRIS CUSTOMERS: City of Perris customers will see several benefits, including: 

• Timely and accurate billing that takes place each month.

• Increased water supply reliability thanks to EMWD’s long-standing commitment to delivering a safe and reliable water supply. 

• Perris customers will eventually be transitioned to smart meters, which would allow them access to EMWD’s MyAccount portal. This will provide real-time information about water use, account management, and much more.

• Customers will be eligible for EMWD’s nationally recognized Landscapes for Living program, which assists customers with creating more water use efficient outdoor spaces.

WHAT IS THE TIMELINE: The consolidation process began in February 2024 with approval of a Memorandum of Understanding by the Perris City Council and the EMWD Board of Directors. Throughout 2024, work by both agencies is being performed to advance the process. It is anticipated that City of Perris customers will become EMWD customers in Fall 2024.

WHAT ABOUT CURRENT EMWD CUSTOMERS: Existing EMWD customers will see no financial impacts or changes in their levels of service because of this consolidation. 

City of Perris Water and Sewer Consolidation Map 


Perris Consolidation Fact Sheet.pdf Spanish Perris Consolidation Fact Sheet


Questions contact: 

Kevin Pearson

Public Affairs Officer 

(951) 928-3777 ext. 4219