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EMWD Celebrates Water Awareness Month

EMWD Celebrates Water Awareness Month

May 3, 2022

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With California facing historic drought conditions, there has never been a more important time to appreciate our water supplies.

Throughout May, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is highlighting the role that water plays within our community and our access to a safe and reliable water supply, while also working to educate its customers about the importance of using water efficiently.

“As we face historic water supply challenges, we hope that our customers will take this month to reaffirm their commitment to using water wisely and learn about the work that goes into delivering a water supply that we all depend on,” EMWD Board President Phil Paule said. “There truly has never been a more important time to be aware of our water supplies.”

California is in the midst of a record-setting drought that has led to unprecedented water supply cuts for millions of residents. That drought has impacted both the State Water Project system and the Colorado River system, which combine to provide about half of EMWD’s annual drinking water supplies.

Because of the diverse water supply portfolio they have invested in, EMWD customers are not currently subject to the mandatory water use restrictions that many other agencies throughout Southern California are facing.

EMWD is encouraging customers to make a long-term commitment to reduce their water use through landscape transformations. EMWD customers are eligible for a number of rebate programs, including the turf removal rebate program offered by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Throughout May, EMWD will be producing special content on its website and social media channels that educate customers about their water supplies. The social media channels are available @easternmuni across all platforms.

“Our hope is that customers will toast with a glass of clean and reliable tap water and learn more about their water supplies throughout the month,” Paule said. “And as they learn more, we hope they will continue to remain within their water budget and do their part to help protect California’s limited water supplies during these historic times.”

Eastern Municipal Water District is the water, wastewater service and recycled water provider to nearly one million people living and working within a 558-square mile service area in western Riverside County. It is California’s sixth-largest retail water agency, and its mission is “To deliver value to our diverse customers and the communities we serve by providing safe, reliable, economical and environmentally sustainable water, wastewater and recycled water services.”
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