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Wonder how to keep your exposed pipes from freezing? What happens to the junk you pour down the drain? Ever want to read your own water meter? Know how to shut off your water? This is the place where we’ve linked all of the tips and information that can help you.

Find out if you have a leak?

Find out how much water you’re wasting with the Water Wise Drip Calculator and learn how to check for a leak by reading your meter here. If you see a leak in the service area, here’s information about reporting leaks to EMWD.

How to turn off the water to your home

If you have a leak and need to turn off water to your home, click here.

Check your water pressure

Find out how to check your water pressure and how to adjust it.

Prevent frozen pipes

When the weather gets really cold, use these simple tips to insulate pipes so that they don’t freeze.

Read your water meter

Want to double-check the readings on your water bill or do a quick leak check? All you have to do is read your water meter here. (En Espanol)

Keep drains and pipelines clear

Should you wash that greasy gunk down the drain? Probably not. Find out what not to toss down the drain to help keep pipelines from clogging up.

Check irrigation controller times 

Please check your irrigation controller to ensure watering times and days are set appropriately. Find out suggested weekly irrigation information by clicking here