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Youth Ecology Corps
Tap into water industry jobs. Join the Youth Ecology Corps!

Youth Ecology Corps

EMWD has partnered with the Riverside County Workforce Investment Board and California Family Life Center to offer the Youth Ecology Corps program. This program provides short-term job opportunities to young adults who are interested in exploring career opportunities in the water industry and related fields.

About the Program

Participants of the Youth Ecology Corps program will receive safety and ethics training; professional development workshops; introductions to EMWD staff within 20 departments at the Perris main office building; and tours of such facilities as a water filtration plant, regional water reclamation facility, and desalter. EMWD provides a variety of part-time job opportunities, based on current needs and youth interest.

EMWD Youth Ecology Corps Fact Sheet

Job Opportunities – Office Positions Available

Office Assistants (Mornings for 12 weeks, 20 hours each week):
Must have reliable transportation to/from EMWD

  • Education Administrative Assistant
  • Engineering Administrative Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Maintenance Administrative Assistant
  • Development Services Plan of Service Assistant
  • Recycled Water and Backflow Coordination Assistant
  • Records Management Assistant
  • Public and Governmental Affairs Assistant
  • Safety and Risk Management Assistant
  • Water Ops Administrative Services Assistant
  • Mapping Assistant (GIS)

For example, office assistants will assist EMWD staff with document sorting, scanning, and filing. The Recycled Water and Backflow Coordination Assistant will work with two employee teams while learning about recycled water services. The Records Management Assistant will help with the organization and electronic storage of District files. The Public and Governmental Affairs Assistant will learn to update the Intranet. The Safety and Risk Management Assistant will organize safety binders, inventory maps and supplies, and update documents.


Youth Ecology Corps participants will receive:

  • Minimum Wage (up to 240 hours)
  • Personal Protective Equipment, as needed, to ensure safety


  • Youth Ecology Corps applicants must be:
  • 18 – 24 years old
  • Referred by ResCare Workforce Services or California Family Life Center
  • Interviewed and accepted by EMWD
  • Able to pass a background check and drug/alcohol test
  • Able to meet specific job requirements related to work schedule, location, transportation, and dress code
  • Able to successfully complete safety training the first paid work day

For more information, contact the following youth opportunity center:

California Family Life Center
930 N. State Street
Hemet, CA 92543