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SoCal Water$mart Rebates


Rebates available as part of EMWD’s partnership with MWD can be accessed through SoCal Water$mart.

Many of these rebates and the listed amounts are subject to change and may be limited in availability. We encourage customers to visit SoCal Water$mart to check for any important changes to the program, such as qualifying devices, rebate amounts, guidelines, or terms and conditions.
Residential Rebate Programs Amount
High Efficiency Clothes Washers $150
Premium High Efficiency Toilets
(1.06 Gallons per Flush or Less)
Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers $145
Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles
(Min Qty = 30)
$2 per nozzle
Turf Removal

$2 per square foot

$1 per square foot*


$3 per square foot* 

Soil Moisture Sensor System $145
Rain Barrels
(Max Qty = 2)
$35 each
(200 to 500 Gallon Capacity)
(501 to 999 Gallon Capacity)
(1,000+ Gallon Capacity)

For more information and/or to complete an online application, please visit SoCal Water$mart.

*Additional $1 per square foot Turf Removal from EMWD. Total $3 per square foot Turf Removal. 

Important Program Information

So Cal Water Smart logo.Approval of rebate applications will be on a first-come, first serve basis and subject to funding availability. Submitting a reservation request or application does not guarantee approval or payment.

Please be sure to read the complete program guidelines and terms and conditions before submitting your application.