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Smart Meters


Smart Meters

Utility Partners of America accessing smart meter.

As part of our continuing efforts to provide you with new cost efficient technologies, EMWD has contracted with Utility Partners of America (UPA) to upgrade water meters to Smart Meters. These new meters will allow EMWD to access hourly, weekly and monthly water usage as well as provide features such as leak detection and usage notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Meters

When will I receive a Smart Meter?

EMWD is working to provide Smart Meters to all customers by June 2019. Click here to see the most current installation schedule.

Will I be without water at any time?

You may experience a brief interruption in your water service.

Why is EMWD installing Smart Meters?

Smart Meters substantially reduce meter-reading costs by allowing EMWD to read meters remotely rather than manually, saving money on vehicle expenses such as fuel, insurance, and liability costs.

What are the benefits of Smart Meters?

Smart Meters allow access to hourly, weekly and monthly water usage as well as other added features such as leak detection and usage notifications. New meters also allow EMWD to read your water meter safely, accurately and in the most efficient manner possible.

You may sign up for leak detection notifications via text, email or voicemail.

Will I be able to see the information that a Smart Meter provides?

EMWD is working to create a portal for customers to access their information. As the portal is closer to launching, EMWD will reach out to customers with further information.

How can I sign up for text notifications?

Update your contact information and sign up for notifications.

Are Smart Meters safe?

Scientific studies have not identified or confirmed any negative health effects from potential non-thermal impacts of Radio Frequency emissions such as those produced by existing common household electronic devices and Smart Meters.

Click here for more detailed safety data and information.

How can I identify UPA crews?

You will be able to easily identify UPA by the logo on their vehicles, uniforms and name badges.

Utility Partners of America worker wearing UPA yellow work vest. Utility Partners of America truck with UPA logo on door.