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Request Demand and Release of Liens


Request Demand and Release of Liens

How to Request a Demand and Release of Lien

Types of Liens

  • Proposed Lien Against Real Property for Unpaid Service Charges
  • Lien Against Real Property for Unpaid Service Charges Deferred Fees – New Business
  • Liens for the Finance Department

    Contact Information

    Customer Service Department
    Phone   951-928-3777, ext. 3114
    Fax        951-928-6159

    Type of Document

    • Notice of Intent to Remove Delinquent Special Tax Installments for Tax Roll

    Contact Information

    Special Funding Department
    Phone   951-928-3777 ext. 4534
    Fax        951-928-6160

    Additional Information

    • You may e-mail or fax over your request; however, email is the quickest method.
    • Our turnaround time is approximately 10 working days.
    • We will fax the Demand to you as soon as it’s been prepared. Generally this is the same day; however, it may take up to 2 working days.
    • The original documents will go out in the US mail. No special handling such as Fed-Ex or Express Mail will be provided.
    • We will be sending you two documents.
      • Demand for Payment
      • Release of Lien – Please make sure that the RELEASE OF LIEN is not filed with the County of Riverside until you have paid the balance in full. This is done to expedite the required docs to your company.