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About Block Sewer Rates


While the majority of the sewer rate applies to fixed costs that are required to maintain EMWD’s extensive sewer collection and treatment system as a whole, a flat rate structure does not consider how much each household contributes to the system. For example, smaller households generally contribute less to the sewer system than larger households.

Therefore, to set sewer rates that are closer in line with the size of households, EMWD adopted a new rate structure with four blocks, based on household size, in January 2013. Each block is designed around a specific household size to be more representative of the amount contributed to the sewer system. As a result, smaller than average households pay a smaller portion of the current rate, average size households pay the current rate, and larger than average households pay a larger portion of the current rate. The new sewer blocks better reflect the current proportional demands on the wastewater system based on updated customer data.

Sewer Block Number of People in Household Sewer Rate Calculation as of 1/1/2024
1 1-2 65% of current sewer rate
2 3-4 100% of current sewer rate
3 5-6 135% of current sewer rate
4 7 or more 170% of current sewer rate

For background information on the 2024 and 2025 rates, please click here. 

This rate structure applies only to customers on water-budget based tiered rates who are also billed directly by EMWD for sewer services. Block sewer rates are designed to be more fair and equitable to customers and revenue neutral to the District.