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Press Release

EMWD: Reusable Bottles a Key Back To School Supply

Three people holding water bottles at a water fill station.

Perris, CA (August 9, 2022) — As parents wrap up their back-to-school shopping, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) encourages them to add a reusable water bottle to their school supply list.

EMWD has Water Bottle Fill Stations at 114 schools throughout its 558-square mile service area, allowing students to easily and safely refill their reusable bottles with clean and reliable tap water.

EMWD’s award-winning Water Bottle Fill Station program has helped save the equivalent of several hundred thousand disposable plastic bottles from entering landfills.

Press Release

EMWD to Expand Recycled Water Infrastructure in French Valley

Installation of Phase I of the French Valley Recycled Water Pipeline was completed in 2018. Phase II work will begin this year.

Perris, CA (August 3, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District’s (EMWD) Board of Directors today approved the award of a $4.4 million contract to construct Phase II of the French Valley Recycled Water Pipeline, which will greatly expand recycled water service in the French Valley community.

Press Release

Remaining Within Your Water Budget Is Key To Efficiency

Perris, CA (July 19, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) wants to remind its customers the importance of remaining within their water budgets during the summer months of California’s ongoing drought.

EMWD has personalized water budgets for every account, based on a variety of factors, including the number of individuals in the household, the square footage of landscaped area, monthly evapotranspiration rates based on weather patterns, and the age of the home.

Press Release

Smart Irrigation Month Provides Opportunities for Lasting Changes

Perris, CA (July 7, 2022) — As California’s drought continues throughout the hot summer months, there has never been a more important time to practice proper irrigation techniques to maximize critical water supplies.

That is why Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is celebrating Smart Irrigation Month throughout the month of July, where we are helping to highlight the importance of efficient irrigation and proper landscape choices so customers may do their part to reduce water use now and for years to come.

Press Release

EMWD Receives $8M in Federal Funds for Trio of Key Projects

Big Pipe Infrastructure

Perris, CA (June 30, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) this week received notice that approximately $8 million in federal funding is being advanced to support a trio of critical infrastructure projects that will improve groundwater quality and supply and provide safe and reliable wastewater service throughout its service area.

The Fiscal Year 2023 Interior-EPA Appropriations Bill released last week will help fund those projects through the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s State and Tribal Assistance Grants Program.

Press Release

Raise a Glass of Tap Water With EMWD on National Hydration Day

Woman enjoying glass water on national hydration day


Perris, CA (June 23, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is celebrating National Hydration Day by doing what it does best: Delivering safe and healthy tap water to the communities it serves.

National Hydration Day is celebrated on June 23 each year and was designed to raise awareness of the importance of proper hydration – including through drinking water.

Press Release

EMWD Dedicates Third Desalination Facility

Several people gathering to turn on a large water valve.

Perris, CA (June 23, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) today celebrated the opening of its new groundwater desalination facility, which will provide additional local water supply reliability to its service area for future generations.

The Perris II Desalination Facility is EMWD’s third groundwater desalter and will provide enough water for more than 15,000 households each year through its reverse osmosis treatment process. The facility is located in Menifee, adjacent to the existing Menifee I and Perris I desalters.

Press Release

EMWD Publishes Annual Water Quality Report

Consumer Confidence Report book cover

Perris, CA (June 15, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has released its annual Consumer Confidence Report, which provides science-based information about EMWD’s water quality and sources from the 2021 calendar year.

EMWD has again met and surpassed all state and federal drinking water standards set forth by the State Water Resources Control Board and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Press Release Career Opportunities

Careers in the Water Industry

There is a lot that goes into making sure that water flips on at the flick of faucet or disappears with a flush. To provide you with the best service possible, there is an entire team behind every pipeline, valve, manhole and tank. Thank you to each and every EMWD employee from customer service to fleet; from our engineers to finance and from field engineering and field services to our maintenance team. Interested in a career in water? Learn how you can make a difference by visiting 

Press Release

EMWD Maintains Commitment to Workplace Safety


Perris, CA (June 2, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is celebrating National Safety Month by reaffirming its commitment to being an industry leader in workplace safety for the benefit of its employees and the community.

National Safety Month was developed by the National Safety Council, a non-profit safety advocacy organization that works to promote workplace safety.

Press Release

Area Teams Secure Solar Cup Victories

Perris, CA (June 2, 2022) — Two local high schools were recognized as winning teams as part of the 2022 Solar Cup virtual competition hosted by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).

West Valley High School in Hemet received first-place honors for the “OnShape Challenge” and San Jacinto Valley Academy won the “Electronics Challenge” categories, respectively.

Press Release

What’s Up with the Purple Pipe?

What is recycled water?  

Recycled water is water that leaves your home or business, enters our sewer system, and is treated at one of the four regional water reclamation facilities throughout EMWD’s service area.​

You can easily identify recycled water as it has its own distribution system which is purple, so when you see purple piping out in the community the water being used is recycled.

Press Release

What Is An Aquifer?

What Is An Aquifer?

We often hear a lot about aquifers and our local water supplies, but what exactly does that mean?

An aquifer is a giant underground reservoir that holds groundwater. While we can’t build an aquifer, EMWD uses science and engineering to learn where our natural aquifers are at, and how we can keep them sustainable and healthy so they can help provide us with a safe and reliable local water supply for many years to come.

Press Release

EMWD Celebrates Drinking Water Week with High-Quality Water Supplies

Two young children drinking water and giving the thumbs up sign.

Perris, CA (May 4, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is celebrating Drinking Water Week by celebrating its most vital service: Delivering safe and reliable drinking water to nearly one million people in its service area.

Drinking Water Week was created by the American Water Works Association to highlight the importance of clean and reliable water service throughout the country.

Press Release

EMWD Celebrates Water Awareness Month

Dam and water retention infrastructure.

Perris, CA (May 3, 2022) — With California facing historic drought conditions, there has never been a more important time to appreciate our water supplies.

Throughout May, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is highlighting the role that water plays within our community and our access to a safe and reliable water supply, while also working to educate its customers about the importance of using water efficiently.

Press Release

EMWD Statement on MWD Drought Actions

Bridge over partially filled reservoir.

Perris, CA (April 27, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) would like to recognize the courageous and necessary steps taken this week by the Board of Directors for The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) to implement mandatory conservation measures in response to rapidly worsening drought conditions throughout California and the western United States.

Press Release

April Provides Opportunity to Spruce Up Your Garden

Garden with greenery and succulents.

Perris, CA (April 13, 2022) — April is National Garden Month, and Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) would like to help you be more efficient in your garden.

With spring in full bloom and the planting season officially here, it is a great time to plant water-wise landscaping, update your irrigation system to be more efficient, and check for leaks to ensure that your plants and your wallet are thriving.

Press Release

Being Prepared is Key During a Disaster

Materials for a safety first aid kit.

Perris, CA (April 5, 2022) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) encourages you to be ready in the event of a disaster.

April is national Earthquake Preparedness Month and a great time to update the earthquake kit in your home or business to be better prepared in the event of a temporary and unavoidable water service outage because of a natural disaster.

Earthquake kits should have two gallons of water per person, per day, with a three day supply on hand. Pet owners should also keep additional water available for their animals.

Press Release

Regional Landscape Contest Accepting Entries Starting April 1

Beautiful landscaped garden.

Perris, CA (March 30, 2022) — Do you have a beautiful, water-efficient landscape that is the envy of your neighborhood? If so, it may be award-winning.

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) customers who have shown a commitment to drought-tolerant landscaping are encouraged to participate in the 2022 Inland Empire Landscape Contest, which is accepting applications from April 1 through May 17, 2022.

The contest is hosted by regional water suppliers and cities across the Inland Empire area, including the area served by EMWD.