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Press Release

EMWD Awarded for Desalination Program Leadership

Perris, CA (February 9, 2024) — Eastern Municipal Water District was recognized this week by CalDesal with its inaugural Institutional Achievement Award for its efforts to promote water desalination as a safe, sustainable and reliable water supply source.

Cal Desal is an industry organization committed to advancing ocean and groundwater desalination as a viable resource to ensure a sustainable water future for communities throughout California.

Press Release

EMWD Celebrates World Wetlands Day

Perris, CA (February 2, 2024) — As part of its ongoing commitment to being a partner to the environment, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is proud to celebrate World Wetlands Day on February 2.

EMWD operates a man-made Wetlands facility at its San Jacinto Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility. The facility hosts public birding tours and is the home to EMWD’s nationally-recognized education program, which hosts regular field trips at the facility for students in EMWD’s service area.

Press Release

I Spy: A Water Saving Piece of Art

Perris, CA (December 27, 2023) — A local elementary school student knows the importance of doing investigative work to find a water-wasting leak.

Brixton Rael, a third-grader at Calvary Chapel School in Moreno Valley, was recently honored by having his artwork included in the annual 2024 “Being Water Wise Is…” calendar, presented by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and its member agencies, including Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD).

Press Release

Collaborative Approach Among Four Public Agencies Ensures Sustainability for Groundwater Supplies

Perris, CA (December 19, 2023) — For the past decade, the Hemet-San Jacinto Watermaster has been a critical administrator of a regional effort to create long-term groundwater sustainability throughout the San Jacinto Valley.

The Watermaster is comprised of representatives from the four public agencies that rely on the San Jacinto Groundwater Basin – Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD), Lake Hemet Municipal Water District (Lake Hemet), and the cities of Hemet and San Jacinto. Private groundwater producers are also represented on its Board of Directors.

Press Release

EMWD is Flush With Excitement for World Toilet Day

Perris, CA (November 16, 2023) — Have you thanked your toilet yet today?

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is celebrating World Toilet Day on November 19 by showing its appreciation to the role the porcelain thrones play in protecting public and environmental health throughout not only our service area, but the world.

EMWD operates the region’s wastewater collection system and treats nearly 46 million gallons of wastewater each day. And a portion of that originates at hundreds of thousands of toilets throughout EMWD’s service area.

Press Release

EMWD Launches Fats, Oils and Grease Social Media Campaign
Keeping the sewer system working involves knowing what to put down the drain and what not to.

Perris, CA (November 15, 2023) — As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday season – a time for relaxation, family, and lots of food preparation – Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) wants customers to know the proper way to dispose of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG), because dumping it down their garbage disposal is not a solution.

Throughout November, EMWD is educating its customers on how they can help maintain a healthy sewer system on its various social media platforms, which can be found respectively @easternmuni.

Press Release

EMWD Honored for Creative Outreach Programs

Perris, CA (November 13, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) this month was recognized for its innovative approach to communicating with its customers, stakeholders and employees by the Public Relations Society of America’s Inland Empire chapter.

EMWD received three awards at the organization’s annual awards ceremony on November 2, 2023. The Inland Empire chapter includes Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and the awards highlight the highest standards of performance for public relations tactics and programs.

Press Release

EMWD Honored for Innovative Recycled Water Program

Perris, CA (November 2, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has been recognized for the fourth consecutive year as a “Utility of the Future, Today” for its innovative approach toward providing services to its customers.

Press Release

Water Professionals Week Celebrates Unsung Heroes

Perris, CA (October 12, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is proud to celebrate Water Professionals Appreciation Week, which highlights the dedicated individuals that work to bring safe and reliable water services to our customers every day.

Water Professionals Appreciation Week was established to highlight the often unsung work of water professionals. The celebratory week runs from October 7-15, 2023.

Press Release

Water Industry Careers Highlighted by Student Write Off Contest Winners

Perris, CA (September 28, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District has announced the winners for its annual Write Off contest, in which area students write and illustrate a book that will be incorporated into classroom curriculum as part of EMWD’s education programs.

This year, students were asked to create activity sheets that be included in the “Careers in Water Activity Book.” The program is designed to expose students to water industry career opportunities.

The annual Write Off contest is hosted in partnership with Rancho California Water District.

Press Release

EMWD Highlights Future-Focused Investments During State of The District

Perris, CA (September 27, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) hosted its State of the District event today, providing its key stakeholders with the organization’s vision for providing safe, reliable and cost-effective services for the future.

As part of its nearly 75-year commitment to serving the community, EMWD has focused on a diverse water supply portfolio and environmentally sustainable investments that can deliver around-the-clock services to the nearly 1 million people who live and work within its 558-square mile service area.

Press Release

Don’t Forget That Reusable Bottle With Back To School Supplies

Perris, CA (September 12, 2023) — With students back in school for the new academic year, Eastern Municipal Water District wants to remind parents to include a reusable water bottle as part of their child’s daily school supplies.

EMWD has water bottle fill stations at nearly every school in its service area, where students may easily refill their bottles with free and safe drinking water. EMWD is proud to partner with its area school districts to provide water bottle fill stations on campus.

Press Release

EMWD Recognized for Procurement Excellence

Perris, CA (September 1, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has been recognized by the National Procurement Institute with its 2023 Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award.

The honor goes to agencies that embrace innovation, professionalism, productivity, leadership and e-procurement.

EMWD was one of 194 agencies recognized across the United States and Canada and was one of 25 special districts that received the honor.

Press Release

EMWD Recognized for Financial Reporting

Perris, CA (August 17, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) for the 19th consecutive year has been recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) with its Excellence in Financial Reporting award.

The award recognizes EMWD for its Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.

The GFOA is a nonprofit organization for government finance professionals that promotes transparency by its 21,000 members.

Press Release

EMWD Protects Water Quality Through PFAS Remediation Efforts

Perris, CA (August 15, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has been at the forefront of efforts to protect its customers from PFAS in groundwater supplies and has worked diligently with its partners from the federal government to find solutions and continue to bring safe and reliable service to its customers.

PFAS are per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, which are a class of chemicals resistant to heat, water and oil that have been used in consumer products. These chemicals are often found throughout the environment and pose a public health risk.

Press Release

EMWD Celebrates Sustainability During National Water Quality Month

Perris, CA (August 2, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) is celebrating National Water Quality Month throughout August by delivering safe and reliable water to its customers while working to protect our groundwater basins for the long-term benefit of our water supplies.

Press Release

EMWD Increases Funding for Turf Removal Program

Perris, CA (July 10, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has increased funding available for its turf removal program to $4 per square foot, the highest total it has offered in assisting customers with landscape transformations.

The $4 per square foot is an increase of $1 per square foot and is in partnership with The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan). EMWD’s share of the program is now $2 and Metropolitan’s share remains at $2 for the total of $4.

Press Release

Riverside County Approves Additional $4.5M in ARPA Funding for EMWD Projects

Perris, CA (July 7, 2023) —Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) has received funding support from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors to help advance three infrastructure projects that will improve water supply reliability in the region.

The funding was backed by Riverside County Fifth District Supervisor Yxstain Gutierrez, who represents the San Jacinto Valley, where all three projects are located.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding will help support the following EMWD projects:

Press Release

Enjoy a Glass of EMWD Tap Water for National Hydration Day


Perris, CA (June 23, 2023) — Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) encourages its customers to celebrate National Hydration Day by enjoying a delicious glass of high-quality tap water, at a fraction of the price of bottled water.

National Hydration Day takes place each year on June 23 as a reminder to remain hydrated to avoid dehydration, heat stroke and other heat-related issues.