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Complete Curriculum Packages


Complete Curriculum Packages

EMWD provides a variety of educational materials, free-of-charge, to teachers in more than 125 schools throughout it’s service area. You can download the complete curriculum packages for “Gobi’s Adventure” and “Otis the Turtle”.

Gobi’s Adventure Curriculum Package: Grades K-2

Gobi's Adventure Assessment

Gobi's Information Letter

Gobi's Lesson Plan

Gobi's Parent Letter

Gobi's Journal

Gobi's Adventure Questions

Gobi Reflection Activity

Gobi's Garden Picture Differences Activity

Gobi's Word Search

Gobi Character Card

Gobi, the water drop and his friend, Aguat, travel from their rain cloud above the Colorado River down to earth and have an adventure in trying to reunite as Gobi and Aguat learn the truth about California Friendly Plants and discover the importance of water conservation.

By downloading all the activity sheets for Gobi’s Adventure, a teacher will have a complete lesson plan. This lesson plan focuses attention on where some of our water comes from (Colorado River) as well as outdoor water conservation.

Otis the Turtle Curriculum Package: Grades 3-4

Note: Can be adapted for Grades 1 and 2

Otis Parent Letter

Otis Assessment

Otis Lesson Plan

Otis Journal

Otis Relection

Otis Hidden Pictures

Otis Crossword

Otis Character Card

Otis the Turtle is adopted by a loving family and then finds out they are water wasters. Otis can’t just sit back and watch this so he takes action. Join Otis as he teaches his family about the importance of using water wisely and in the end surprises his family with a stunning revelation. 

By downloading all the activity sheets for Otis the Turtle, a teacher will have a complete lesson plan. This lesson plan focuses attention on water conservation and includes tips that students can implement in their own lives to save water.