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EMWD Standard Detailed Provisions

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All Engineering Provisions are provided in PDF format with the exception of Sections 01026, 01430, 09875.1, and 09878.1 which are project specific. Modifications to these standard provisions are prohibited. Revisions to EMWD’s Standard Detailed Provisions should be called out in a separate section as “SC2 – Supplemental Special Conditions” or submit a supplemental detail provision (for example: 15061.1).

Helpful Tip: Save a copy of the PDF file to your computer by right-clicking on the link and selecting the “Save Target As…” option.

Also of interest may be EMWD’s Boilerplate Documents for Engineering Provisions.

Maintenance Manual Requirements

Division 0: Contracting Requirements

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
00220Soils Investigation06/2006 
00230Construction Surveying10/2001 

Division 1: General Project Provisions

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
01000General Safety Requirements02/2024Update Log
01026Schedule of Values10/2020 
01310Project Control Schedule - Large Job02/2024 
01310.1Project Control Schedule - Small Job02/2024 
01380Pre-construction Audio/Video Taping: Pipelines & Roadways11/2021 
01381Pre-construction Audio/Video Taping: Above Ground Facilities11/2021 
01430Maintenance Manual Requirements10/2020Update Log

Division 2: Construction/Installation Provisions

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
02050Demolition and Salvage07/1994 
02051Temporary Sewage Lift Station Demolition06/2021 
02201Construction Methods & Earthwork04/2015 
02205Tank Site Preparation and Base Ring Construction07/2005 
02210Site Grading05/2010Update Log
02221Trenching, Backfilling, and Compacting04/2015Update Log
02242Cement Stabilized Sand Bedding/Backfill02/1995 
02252Control Density Fill05/2016Update Log
02253Controlled Low Strength Material04/2003New
02271Grouted Rip-Rap10/2020 
02433Drainage Pipe: Reinforced Concrete Pipe - Storm Drain10/2020 
02444Chain Link Fencing07/2005 
02505Roadway Base Course08/1992 
02513Asphalt Concrete Paving08/2008Update Log
02597Pond Lining - Treated Soil02/1995 
02598Pond Lining - Clay and Flexible Membrane10/2020 
02718Installation of Water Pipeline05/2022Update Log
02725Installation of Copper Pipe and Tubing05/1992 
02733Water Well Drilling, Casting and Gravel Installation, Development, and Testing10/2020 
02734Water Well Drilling, Casing & Testing01/2010Update Log
02740Water Pump Foundation06/2014 
02761Furnish & Install Vitrified Clay Sewer Pipe System12/2021Update Log
02762Furnish & Install Plastic Sewer System12/2021Update Log
02768Furnish & Install PVC Force Main05/2010Update Log
02769Furnish & Install High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Sewer Pipe System10/2002 
02810Irrigation System10/2020 
02950Trees, Plants, and Ground Covers10/2020 

Division 3: Concrete Provisions

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
03150Formwork for Cast-in-place Concrete10/2020 
03300Cast-in-Place Concrete10/2020Update Log
03604Casing Grouting-Annular Space03/1995 

Division 4: Masonry Provisions

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
04220Concrete Masonry Units10/2020Update Log

Division 5: Metals

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
05100Structural Metals  
05600Standards for Aluminum Work02/1998 

Division 6: Wood, Plastics and Composites

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
06100Carpentry Work10/2020Update Log
06640Plastic Lining for Concrete Structure04/2000 

Division 7: Thermal and Moisture Protection

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
07920Sealants and Caulking08/1992 

Division 8: Openings

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
08365Rolling Service Doors - Chain Operated  
08711Locksets and Hardware05/2015Update Log

Division 9: Finishes (Coatings)

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
09810Tape Wrap for Insulated Joints10/1999 
09811Chemical Resistant Coatings08/1992 
09871Coating System for Water Pumping Plants08/2000 
09873Interior Coating, Disinfection and Exterior Painting of a New Welded Steel Water Tank Using Both Shop & Field Coating Operations10/2019Update Log
09873.1Interior Coating, Disinfection and Exterior Painting of a New Welded Steel Water Tank Custom Section 3.06 and 3.07  
09875Repainting of Ext Surf of an Existing Welded Steel Tank Based on 100% or Spot Removal of Exist Paint Replace w/ a New Paint Sys10/2019Update Log
09875.1Repainting of Exterior Surfaces of an Existing Welded Steel Tank Custom Section 3.06_Requires Update  
09876Repainting of Exterior Surfaces Based on 100% or Spot Removal of Lead Based Paint & Replacement  
09878Recoating & Disinfect of Int Surf of an Exist Welded Steel Tank Based on 100% Removal of Exist Coat & Replace w/ Epoxy Coat Sys10/2019Update Log
09878.1Recoating and Disinfection of Interior Surfaces of an Existing Welded Steel Tank Custom Section 3.07_Requires Update  
09900Painting and Protective Coatings10/2020Update Log
09940Epoxy Coating09/1985 

Division 10: Specialties

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
 There are no specialties provisions at this time.  

Division 11: Equipment Provisions

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
11005General Mechanical and Equipment Provisions05/2021Update Log
11021Natural Gas Engine10/2001 
11200Small Submersible Sewage Lift Station with Emergency Stand by Power06/2021 
11211Centrifugal Pumps10/2007Update Log
11240.1DPS - Chemical Metering Pumps01/1995 
11240Chemical Meter Pumps - General01/1995 
11241Chlorination System10/2002 
11250Diesel Generator06/2021New
11293Slide Gates  
11294Stainless Steel Sluice Gates08/1999 
11343Screenings Compactor  
11352Scum Collection Equipment08/1999 
11931Horizontal Centrifugal Water Pumps10/2007Update Log
11936Vertical Turbine Pumps10/2007Update Log
11937Deep Well Vertical Pumps10/2007Update Log
11938Progressing Cavity Pump10/2007Update Log

Division 13: Steel Building/Storage Tanks

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
13122Prefabricated Steel Building02/1995 
13123Electrical Panel Sunshade Structure06/2021 
13311Welded Steel Tanks for Water Storage04/2020Update Log
13312Bolted Steel Tanks for Water Storage11/2013Update Log
13446Valve and Gate Operations  

Division 15: Pipe/Fittings/Valves/Manholes

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
15054Reinforced Concrete Pipe with PVC Lining12/1991 
15057Ductile Iron Water Pipe and Fittings05/2001 
15058Cast Iron Fittings05/1990 
15059Welded Steel Fittings08/1985 
15061Steel Cylinder Water Pipe10/2023 
15064Plastic (PVC) Pressure Water Pipe & Fittings09/2016Update Log
15072Asbestos-Cement Water Pipe11/1987 
15077Grooved Couplings01/2000 
15081Gaskets12/2009Update Log
15089Nuts & Bolts10/2007Update Log
15102Resilient-Seated Gate Valves12/2020 
15103Butterfly Valves01/2006 
15103.1Butterfly Valves, Earthquake Sensing Pneumatic-Operated01/1991 
15104Ball Valves08/1994 
15105Plug Valves06/2007Update Log
15108Air Release Valves for Sewage Service12/1997 
15111Check Valves02/1997 
15120Control Valves03/1987 
15136Air Valves03/1995 
15173.1Propeller-Type Water Flowmeters05/1993 
15330Vitrified Clay Sewer Pipe (Plain End)(Limited to Maximum Pipe Diameter of 12”)05/1993 
15331Vitrified Clay Sewer Pipe (Bell & Spigot)01/2006 
15333Cast Iron & Ductile Iron Sewer Pipe08/1985 
15340Manholes & Fittings09/1999 
15350Sewer Pump Station, Manhole Type10/2007Update Log
15351Sewage Pump Station, Vault Type10/2007Update Log
15385Pipe Bursting08/1999 
15430Emergency Eyewash/Shower Units09/2007Update Log

Division 16: Electrical Provisions

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
15700Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Equipment04/2016New
16010General Electrical Requirements10/2020 
16040Short-Circuit/Coordination Study and Arc-Flash Hazard Study10/2020 
16050Basic Electrical Materials and Methods10/2019Update Log
16150Induction Motors04/2016 
16151Vertical Hollowshaft Electric Motors04/2016 
16160A.C. Variable Frequency Drives09/2022Update Log
16250Automatic Transfer Switch10/2020New
16251Manual Transfer Switch10/2020New
16480Motor Control Centers, Switchboards, and Panelboards10/2020Update Log
16640Corrosion Monitoring System for Underground Piping07/2017Update Log
16890Fiber Optic Cabling and Components04/2016 
16950Custom Control Panels04/2016 

Division 17: Programmable Systems Provisions

SectionProvisionRevision DateUpdate Log
17005General Instrumentation and Control Components04/2016New
17010Programmable Logic Controller10/2019Update Log
17210Magnetic Flowmeters04/2024New
17310Site Access System04/2016New

Appendix A: EMWD Approved Materials List

Appendix A: Approved Materials List