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Groundwater Resource Management

Through collaborative and multi-faceted approaches, EMWD is able to successfully manage and augment its groundwater supplies in an economically and environmentally responsible manner to ensure long-term reliability for its customers.

EMWD has worked to develop long-range management plans that are compliant with both newly adopted state mandates and its responsibilities as part of the Hemet-San Jacinto Watermaster for the adjudicated portion of the east side of the San Jacinto basin.

Through the collaborative Integrated Recharge and Recovery Program, EMWD and the other Watermaster agencies deliver an average of 7,500 acre feet of recharge water into the San Jacinto Groundwater Basin each year.

EMWD is also one of five member agencies of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) that is participating in a first-of-its-kind regional groundwater banking program known as the Santa Ana River Conservation and Conjunctive Use Program (SARCCUP). This program will provide a collaborative, regional watershed-scale approach toward long-term groundwater basin management, replenishment and water transfers, allowing the five agencies to collectively plan for extended dry periods while also conducting habitat restoration and assisting with the development of regional long-term water use efficiency programs.