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Helpful Tips for EMWD's Online Employment Application

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Helpful Tips for EMWD's Online Employment Application

Review Before Using the Online Application System

A note about the “Time-out Feature”

For security, the system has a time-out feature after a period of inactivity. When you are ready to apply, plan to complete your application all at once by having your information together and ready to access (i.e. work history, educational history, resume, etc.). You will not be able to save your information during the submission process. Your application is saved only after you have submitted it and received a “Successful Submission” confirmation.

Avoid using your browser’s “Back” button

Using the “Back” button produces a warning message indicating a page refresh may be necessary. During a page refresh, any information you’ve entered may be lost.

Modifying information you’ve entered during the session

To modify any information you have entered during the session, you will be able to click on the heading of the section you want to return to. When completing the “Application for Employment” form, use the “Previous” or “Continue” buttons at the bottom of the application.

Instructions for Using the Online Application System

Start on the Apply for Current Openings page.

  1. Click on the job posting you would like to apply for and follow the link to process your submission.
  2. Submit a new application, or use an existing application.
    Note: If using an existing application, you will the email address and password your created when creating the account.
  3. Review EMWD’s Privacy Statement and proceed by clicking either the “I Agree” or “I Do Not Agree” button.
  4. If using an existing application:
    • Enter your email and password and click “Check Records.”
    • To edit contact or resume information, click on “View Resume/CV” and change accordingly.
    • To submit an existing profile from the list, click on “Submit this Profile.” 
    • Review/modify profile as needed. 
    • Continue to Step 8.
  5. If submitting a new application, continue to Step 6.
  6. Contact Information – required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
    Note: The system will not let you use the same email address more than once for the same job posting. For example, if several family members would like to apply for the same job, each person must use a unique email address so that EMWD can correspond with each applicant individually. To update your submission at a later time or to submit the same profile for interest in another position, you will need to provide an email address. Click “Continue” to proceed with application submission.
  7. You’ll see either the job’s Application for Employment Form, or the Resume/CV Submission Options.
  8. Application for Employment Form – Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
    • Click “Continue” upon form completion to review the application (a pop-up message will display – click “OK” to proceed with review). 
    • Use the “Previous” or “Continue” buttons at the bottom of the application to review your submission. 
    • Click “Continue” on last page to proceed.
    • To print the application, click the “Print” button. 
    • To continue the submission process, click “Submit and Continue” button.
  9. Resume/CV Submission Options (this is a required section).
    • If you’d like to submit a resume, select one of the options available and follow the prompts. 
    • If you prefer not to submit a resume, you may:
      • Select the “Copy and Paste” option and click “Continue” or
      • Enter “N/A” for the required field and click “Continue.”
  10. You may be asked to complete a Pre-Employment Questionnaire. If not, continue to the next step.
  11. Equal Employment Opportunity – Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Complete job submission by clicking the “Finish” button at the bottom. You’ll receive a confirmation email if your submission has been received successfully.