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Wastewater (Sewer) Blocks and Rates

What We Do

Wastewater (Sewer) Blocks and Rates

Daily Rate, per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU)
AreaEffective 2024Effective 2025Block Sewer Rate Structure
Area 1
Includes areas in and around Hemet and San Jacinto (PDF)

EMWD has a block sewer rate structure based on household size. This rate structure applies only to customers that are on water-budget based tiered rates and directly billed for sewer by EMWD.



Area 2
Includes areas in and around Moreno Valley (PDF)
Area 3
Includes areas in and around the City of Menifee (PDF)
Area 4
Includes areas in and around Temecula, Murrieta and French Valley (PDF)
Area 5
Includes areas in and around Perris, Romoland, Homeland, and northern portions of Menifee (PDF)
Canyon Lake
This area is served by Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District and billed by EMWD. Click here for more information.

*Amount will be prorated based on billing cycle

Charges and Deposits 

Fee Description2024 Fee
Water Financial Participation Charge$7,416/EMS*
Sewer Financial Participation Charge$3,476/EDU**
Sewer Treatment Plant Capacity Charge$6,589/EDU**
Recycled Water Supply Development Fee$403/EDU**
Landscape Water Financial Participation Charge$6,732/EMS*

About Block Sewer Rates 

While the majority of the sewer rate applies to fixed costs that are required to maintain EMWD’s extensive sewer collection and treatment system as a whole, a flat rate structure does not consider how much each household contributes to the system. For example, smaller households generally contribute less to the sewer system than larger households.