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T-Meter Application

Temporary Hydrant Meter application

Before completing this application for a Temporary Hydrant Meter (T-Meter), please review the Recycled Water for Construction Activities fact sheet noting the latest on EMWD’s construction-related water availability requirements and EMWD’s T-meter Use Policy.

A complete Submittal must include the following:

  1. Complete T-meter Application (below)
  2. Field Verification of Fire Hydrant to confirm availability for use
  3. GIS (Google) Map(s) with location of fire hydrant, and job location (upload below)
    1. Cross streets must be visible
    2. Highlight job location
    3. Circle fire hydrant
  4. Incomplete submittals will be returned

Once the completed submittal is received it will be reviewed internally.  For assistance with a new application or questions about submittals in process please contact Development Services by email at or phone (951) 928-3777, ext. 2081

Please note per EMWD Temporary Hydrant Meter use policy, the Applicant is responsible to ensure the requested location of the meter, backflow, and use of the meter will not create a threat to public safety or property.  Including, but not limited to, impeding into sidewalks, walkways, and/or streets.

Notification of approval and instructions for payment will be sent via email.  If the request is denied, reason(s) for denial will be sent via email.

Information about how EMWD will use your information can be found within EMWD's Privacy Policy.