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Catch all episodes of The Drop here.

Trailer – The Drop 
EPISODE ONE: Water 101

In this pilot episode, Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD)’s General Manager, Joe Mouawad discusses the basics of EMWD’s services and why talking about water and keeping it front of mind is so important.

Episode two: state of affairs

A look at EMWD’s legislative program and the top initiatives we are currently working on as well as what’s to come for water at the state and federal levels.

Episode Three: Fats, Oils, Grease and Wipes – Oh my!

What do fats, oils, grease and “flushable” wipes all have in common? They clog your home’s pipes and cause big issues in our sewer collection system. Join us as we discuss how to be sewer smart and why we talk about keeping our sewers healthy so often.

Episode Four: The “D” Word

Drought. How did we get here? What does it mean when we say we’re in a drought and how do we mitigate it?

Episode Five: The Colorado River

We’re going behind the headlines of discovered boats and receding waters and tackling the Colorado River. Why is the Colorado River dominating the news, who are the millions of people it serves and why isn’t the same river it was 100 years ago?