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Speakers, Tours & Presentations


Speakers, Tours and Presentations

EMWD offers public speakers, free of charge, to present for organizations within its service area.

To find out more about EMWD programs or to schedule a speaker, contact the Public and Governmental Affairs department at or 951.928.3777, ext. 4340.

Community Group Guest Speakers

EMWD staff can provide speakers for your next community meeting, Topics available include a wide variety of subjects such as: 

  • EMWD Overview
  • Staying WaterWise
  • The Water Cycle
  • EMWD Infrastructure Projects in Your Community
  • Federal, State and Regional Water Policy and Issues

To find out more about EMWD programs or to schedule a speaker, contact the Public and Governmental Affairs department at or 951.928.3777, ext. 3430.

Facility Tours

EMWD does not regularly offer tours of its facilities, except for public and private school groups arranged through its Education program. However, professional organizations and other specialized groups with specific interests can sometimes be accommodated with sufficient advance notice.

Classroom Presentations

EMWD provides classroom presentations at more than 125 schools throughout it’s service area. Classroom presentations can be done as a freestanding water education activity.

Below are some of the current classroom presentation curriculum available. 

The Water Cycle: Grades K-2

Length of Presentation: 30 Minutes

The three main components to the Water Cycle: Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation are presented to students in a fun and engaging presentation. Includes a song and activity.

Gobi’s Adventure Flannel Board Presentation: Grades K-2

Length of Presentation: 30 Minutes

Gobi, the water drop and his friend, Aguat, travel from their rain cloud above the Colorado River down to earth and have an adventure in trying to reunite as Gobi and Aguat learn the truth about California Friendly Plants and discover the importance of water conservation. Flannel board story about outside water conservation includes a Gobi’s Adventure book to be used as a class set. This is a great reinforcement tool for the teacher to use throughout the year. 

Otis the Turtle Gets Water Wise: Grades 3-4

Length of Presentation: 30 Minutes

Otis the Turtle is a flannel board presentation that focuses on the topic of water conservation. The story is about a turtle who gets adopted by a family that wastes water. Otis teaches the family the importance of saving water. This presentation includes a curriculum package for the teacher that she can use to reinforce the lessons learned following the presentation.

Career Days

Many schools hold career days and fairs each year. EMWD provides speakers that represent many of its occupations, to tell students just what they do in a day’s work.

For more information about classroom presentations, please contact EMWD’s Education team at 951-928-3777, ext. 4350.