About Recycled Water

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History of EMWD Recycled Water
EMWD has been treating wastewater (sewer) within its service area since the 1960’s. Originally, treated effluent was disposed of through on-site percolation/evaporation ponds. By 1966, as flows increased, the District began marketing recycled water within its service area, delivering recycled water to local farmers for the irrigation of feed and fodder crops and began extending transmission facilities to deliver this recycled water to these new customers.

In 1991, EMWD applied for and received funding through the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to develop a recycled water backbone transmission system, which greatly expanded the District's ability to deliver recycled water to a growing customer base. Subsequent facility improvements in the recycled water system are now in place linking all of the District's regional water reclamation facilities. System pressurization projects have also been implemented to provide the level of service required for municipal and industrial customers throughout the majority of the recycled water system. System pumping facilities and elevated storage has also improved reliability of the recycled system.

Current Recycled Water Services and System
EMWD’s Recycled Water System currently receives 45 – 50 millions of gallons a day of treated wastewater from its four operating regional treatment plants. This treated water is distributed throughout the Recycled Water Distribution System.

Today, EMWD serves…

  • More than 200+ active accounts
  • Sales of more than 26,000 AF
  • Hemet/San Jacinto Constructed Wetlands – a joint program with the US Bureau of Reclamation, EMWD's multipurpose, constructed wetlands in San Jacinto has evolved as a world-renowned wastewater treatment research center, while creating beneficial wildlife habitat.

Recycled water plays an important role in achieving our goal of developing a drought-proof and sustainable water supply for our customers. EMWD has the ability to store more than 2 billion gallons of recycled water. That’s equal to three to four months’ worth of supply.

Please note: EMWD's recycled water program does not include use at a residential customer’s home.

Uses of Recycled Water

Recycled water is in great demand. More than half of EMWD's production is sold to agricultural, irrigation, landscaping and industrial customers. EMWD serves several schools, parks, cities and county streetscaping, HOA landscape areas, golf courses, wetlands habitat areas and industrial use for cooling towers. Please note: EMWD's recycled water program does not include use at a residential customer’s home.

Among the crops that can use tertiary water are potatoes, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, sugar beets, grain crops, citrus, avocado, grapes, sod farms, fiber, fodder, seed crops and ornamental nursery stock.