Pumping Groundwater

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Sections 4999 - 5008 of the California Water Code provide for the reporting of groundwater extractions. You must report the amount of groundwater you pump from your well if:

  1. you pump more than 25 acre feet per year, and
  2. your well is located in Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, or Ventura County.

For more information or to request the proper forms for filing an Annual Recordation Notice, contact:

State of California
State Water Resources Control Board
Division of Water Rights
Post Office Box 2000
Sacramento, CA 95812-2000

Or on the web: www.swrcb.ca.gov 

For information from the State Water Resources Control Board by telephone:

  • Legislative and Public Affairs (for publications) (916) 657-1247
  • Water Quality Information (916) 657-0687
  • Water Rights Information (916) 657-2170
  • Clean Water Programs Information (916) 227-4400