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IMPORTANT NOTICE! As of May 2016, EMWD's eBill site will only be compatible with the most current website browsers which support the latest security technology (TLS v1.2 protocol). This protocol is supported and enabled by default for all Internet browsers in the following listing, including their newer versions:

  • Internet Explorer v11; Chrome v30; FireFox v27; Opera v17; Safari v7; and Safari Mobile IOS 5.

    Older versions of these browsers may also have support for TLS v1.2 but the protocol needs to be manually enabled.

    Please upgrade your browser to the newest version to access EMWD's eBill site.

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      • View full billing statement online
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      • Set up recurring payments
      • View bill and payment history
      • Set notifications and reminders

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      • View Account Balance
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      Account number and name on account required

      These links will take you to our secure online bill payment site, hosted by Kubra.

      Please note: EMWD is not responsible for payments made through any online service other than Kubra or Check Free. EMWD assumes no responsibility for the accurate transfer of payments made through other online services. Customer accounts will not be credited until payment has been received and posted by EMWD. Payments through an unauthorized agency will not stop water being turned off for non-payment. Customers may be charged an additional transaction fee by other online services; EMWD will not refund or credit that fee.

      To hear your account balance and due date over the phone, please call 951-383-6055.

    Important Information:

    To enroll, you will need:

    • Your EMWD account number, primary name on the account, and a valid email address.
      Sample account number format: 123456-01. Do not use zeros at the beginning of your account number; please include the dash. Enter the primary name on the account EXACTLY as it appears on your billing statement.
      • If you choose to set up a checking or savings payment account, you will need your bank routing and account numbers.
      • If you choose to set up a credit card payment account, you will need your account number, expiration, and security code.

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