Level Payment Plan

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The Level Payment Program (LPP) enables customers to pay their Eastern Municipal Water District bills in equal monthly payments. The customer's anticipated bills for the next year are apportioned equally over eleven (11) monthly payments, providing one set amount to be paid each month regardless of the actual charges incurred during that month.

The twelfth month of the LPP cycle is a settlement month. No normal Level Payment is due during that month. At that time, the difference between the LPP amounts paid and the actual bill amounts is resolved by applying a credit to the customer's account or billing the customer the amount of the difference for the year. The LPP cycle then starts again in the following month.

The Level Payment Program is available to any customer who:
  • is billed for water and /or sewer directly by EMWD
  • has no outstanding arrears due on his/her account when the first bill is issued
  • has a record of at least six (6) months water usage within the past year.

Please call our Customer Service Department at (951) 928-3777 for more information or to sign up for the Level Payment Program.