How to Read Your Bill

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A. Summary of Charges includes any previous balance and new charges.

B. Water Usage History tells you how much water you've been using compared to last year.

C. Water Budget/Sewer Block Data is based on your household size and landscape area. Sewer Blocks are assigned to water budget customers who are billed directly by EMWD for sewer service as follows:

 Block   Number of People in Household  Sewer Rate Calculation
 1   1 - 2  75% of current sewer rate
 2  3 - 4  100% of current sewer rate
 3  5 - 6  125% of current sewer rate
 4  7 or more  175% of current sewer rate

Sewer block rates only apply to customers that are on water budget based tiered rates and are directly billed by EMWD for sewer services.

1. CUSTOMER NAME and ACCOUNT: Use this information to register for our eBill system at

2. NO. OF DAYS: The number of days in your billing period. This number is used to calculate your water budget and daily water and sewer service charges.

3. DUE DATE: When the bill must be paid to prevent possible late fees. 

4. NEXT READ DATE: When we expect to read your meter for the next billing cycle. Actual read date may vary.

5. Previous Charges: Summary of activity on your account since your previous bill.

6. Water Charges: Includes daily water service rate and charge, water supply and reliability projects charge, and water consumption amount, rate(s), and charge(s). Water budget customers are charged based on how much water is used in relation to their water budget.

7. Sewer Charges: Includes daily sewer service rate; water budget customers that are directly billed by EMWD for sewer charges will see a sewer service charge rate that is a percentage of the daily rate according to their assigned sewer block. 

8. Other Agency Charges: As a courtesy, EMWD collects charges for other agencies in your community. For example, in the cities of he cities of Perris and San Jacinto, EMWD may be billing for trash pick-up and/or sewer charges. Phone numbers to call regarding these charges are printed on the back of the bill.

9. TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: The total amount includes any previous balance and new charges.

10. Informational messages are printed at the bottom of every bill, above the pay stub.

Please review additional information and policies on the back of your bill.