EMWD's Integrated Operations Center (IOC) 24 hours/day, 7 days/week Emergency Service
Call at any hour: 1-800-698-0400 or 951-928-3777 ext. 6265

Reporting an Emergency...
EMWD Water Operations Branch has available personnel to respond to emergency situations that involve mainline breaks, service line leaks, sewer blockages, sewer manhole problems, and more.

EMWD encourages customers to call to report emergency situations immediately. Please click here for more information on reporting leaks to EMWD. Your phone calls are critical in order to find the damage and make repairs as soon as possible. Please remember that each call will be evaluated and a determination will be made at that time if the repair will need to be made immediately. In some cases, it can take several days for repairs to allow time for the proper investigation of the problem as well as gathering the proper materials for the repair work.

EMWD will inform affected residents as soon as possible if there is a disruption of service. However, in some emergency situations where there are unsafe conditions or property damage, there may be little or no opportunity to provide advance notice to customers. Sometimes the presence of a crew in the area and low, or changing, water pressure, are the only notices provided.

Additional Information:

Water Pressure - click here to find out how to check your home's water pressure. For other answers to frequently asked questions regarding water pressure, please click here.

Emergency Preparedness 

EMWD encourages customers to be prepared for large scale emergency situations such as earthquakes, floods, or fires. For more information, please click here.

Security Emergencies
EMWD is dedicated to the safe and efficient delivery of potable and recycled water and the reliable operation of the sewer system. Customers are encouraged to report any unusual activity that may occur in and around EMWD facilities. If you see activity after hours and an EMWD marked vehicle and/or EMWD employee is not at the facility, then the activity may not be authorized. Please notify the us at 951-928-3777 ext. 6265 immediately.

Important Security Notices 
Sometimes, customers are approached by individuals claiming to be from EMWD or from another organization somehow affiliated with EMWD. Most often, these individuals are salespeople for water filtration system or insurance companies which portray themselves as being from, or somehow associated with, the local water company in order to gain trust and sell their products. For example, one company approaches customers stating that they are there to test the water, and when they are allowed to do so, they report that the water is not safe to drink and offer to sell filters or water softeners. Another company claims that the local water agency advises customers to purchase insurance for the pipes that run from the meter to their house. Occasionally, there have been reports of scam artists who attempt to get sensitive information such as social security and driver license numbers from customers over the phone, stating that they need to verify their account information, and that if they do not cooperate, the water will be turned off. We have also had reports that telemarketers' caller ID use the same area code, prefix and list themselves as E. Municipal Wat.

These individuals are NOT affiliated with EMWD. Our staff members ALWAYS wear uniforms and carry EMWD identification. If customers have any questions regarding work being done in their neighborhood or verifying EMWD staff, they can call the EMWD Integrated Operations Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 951-928-3777 ext. 6265.

For claims against EMWD (Gov. Code §905, 910, 910.2) , please click here.

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