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SoCal Water$mart Commercial Rebates


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Commercial rebates available as part of EMWD’s partnership with MWD can be accessed through SoCal Water$mart.

Many of these rebates and the listed amounts are subject to change and may be limited in availability. We encourage customers to visit SoCal Water$mart to check for any important changes to the program, such as qualifying devices, rebate amounts, guidelines, or terms and conditions.

Premium High Efficiency Toilets
(1.06 Gallons per Flush or Less)
Ultra Low Flow and Zero Water Urinals$200
Plumbing Flow Control Valves
(Min Qty = 10)
$5 per valve
Rotating Nozzles for Pop-Up Spray Heads$2 per nozzle
Large Rotary Nozzles$13 per set
In-Stem Flow Regulators$1 per regulator
Soil Moisture Sensor Systems$43 per station
Connectionless Food Steamers$485 per compartment
Air-Cooled Ice Machines$1,000
Cooling Tower Conductivity Controllers$625
Cooling Tower ph Controllers$1,750
Dry Vacuum Pumps$125/0.5HP
Laminar Flow Restrictors
(Min Qty = 10)
$10 per restrictor

For more information and/or to complete an online application, please visit SoCal Water$mart.

Important Program Information

Approval of rebate applications will be on a first-come, first serve basis and subject to funding availability. Submitting a reservation request or application does not guarantee approval or payment.

Please be sure to read the complete program guidelines and terms and conditions before submitting your application.